Is Dykes hanging by thread?

last in SEC.
lost 7 or so in a row.
rumors of more girls leaving.

Mike Anderson has been given 6 years…At least give Jimmy 4. Give him enough time to get his players in place. That is giving him a reasonable chance to succeed. He deserves that.

The crazy thing is that Coach Gary Blair would probably still be here if John White had not canned him. What a huge mistake. We might not have won a National Championship like Gary did at A+M, but we would have been consistently good.

John Whites negative influence on our Athletic department will linger for years.

While Gary Blair is a great coach and most of us wish he was still here, he didn’t get fired. UA was unwilling to pay him what the market would demand for a coach of his qualifications and success. So he left, as any smart coach should have. And it worked out for him. It was a huge mistake by Arkansas not to keep him. But he wasn’t “canned.”

he may struggle to have enough quality players to field a team next year – hope he turns it around.

It’s been down hill for JD since he took over! There has been turmoil not from his own doing but the attitude of the players in the team. There is no “I” in team! You have to get a group of players to play as one unit not as the I or Me thing when that happens the team will start a come back and become competitive again! You might say he took over a stick of dynamite with a lite fuzz!
That is the one group I no longer care about watching. I respect all people and respect my country! For those whom don’t they need to catch a flight to the Middle East or even Russia. We have become a liberal society where almost anything goes.
To respect anyone you must have respect and show it !
That was a sign of the team early in the year

Comments: It appear Jimmy is learning coaching is much harder than the previous position he held as a Television Broastcast Analysis, it is he who is now in the fish tank being reviewed and evaluated as to how to motivate your players to preform under his leadership

Seems like I can remember hearing him say exactly that about mike Anderson a few times! Poetic justice. The grass is not so green and roses on that seat! Get it done head coach.

It is called “Constructive Discharge.” Same a firing except no severance or buy out.

Yes, Blair may not have been fired, but he probably was told to find another job and the rest is history.

Dunno how long JD can last. However, I bet he’s coaching next year.

JD is not going anywhere he took a job that was not it great shape he overachieved last year and by trying to get more out of his team he ended up with transfers medical issues and complete turmoil. He will or should get at least 4 years. I’m not interested in the lasybacks for my own reasons. They can have a sit and I can also make the choice not to support them. Being politically correct is not enforcing standards. JD backed his players decision to take a seat for the National Anthem and they failed to support him. Nothing left to be said about that anymore!

Comments: exactly what goes around comes around, always in life what you sow you reap.

My understanding is that John White wanted Blair gone because he was too close to the coaches in men’s athletics. This was part of White trying to take over the athletic deapartment from Coach Broyles. May not be exactly right, but those were the rumors.

The fans reaction to the kneel down - rightly or wrongly - and Jimmy’s actions before and after played a part for the kids that have transferred and will transfer

It was certainly everyone’s right to express their opinions, but the death and injury threats from some were obviously over the top.

I also think it was the final nail in the coffin for landing Christyn Williams from CAC, the nation’s second-ranked prospect in 2018.

Although one has to think she was and is UConn bound.

There is NEVER any excuse for that kind of behavior. I wasn’t happy with their “statement,” but making such threats are out of line. Sad.

Dykes had virtually no coaching experience. He was an experiment which failed; it’s time to move on.

He stood by those girls and they repay him by leaving

But the fans didn’t - again their right - and that was probably the biggest factor.


I get it, but can you name a school where the fans did stand by (if the players did this) or that you think would have if the had done it?

Honestly, maybe at Cal. I don’t think any school in the SEC, or Big 12.

I really don’t think they would have even at a Wisconsin or Michigan, but could be wrong.

Duke? I guess. Harvard? Sure. Yale? Sure. Providence? Probably.

And this was totally forseeable! That is what is so frustrating to me. The reaction of the fans was 100% a sure thing. Everyone had to know that. Yet neither Jimmy nor Long appeared to be ready for it. :o :o