Is DVH finally

getting this team lined up like he wishes. Seems like it has been a struggle, but they seem to be rounding into shape. He has pretty well settled into his pitching rotation. They still have not learned that walks are a very, very, very bad thing and leads to runs scored. Yesterday, a walk was involved in the 8th inning loss of a tie. Today, a walk was part of the 1st inning runs scored. Guys, don’t do that!

Today for some reason, the guys played a little soccer with the ball. That is not part of their DNA and overall, the defense has been very solid. That should only get better. He has had the right guys out there all year.

Hitting seems to be getting better, and better with some lineup changes. Dave is a master at this. It has been like pulling teeth sometimes made worse by the knowledge that this team should be really, really good at the plate and they have not been. I expect this will continue to improve.

I posted the other day that there was little future in betting against DVH. Is that starting to play out? We will soon see. Oh yes, and throw strikes! Bases on balls and missed free throws are two things that totally drive me crazy.


Just imagine that baseball leaving your hand and swishing through the nets.

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I loved his comment when talking about Battles making the error. He said that he hoped Aubie hit another ball to him, because he knew what would happen. Sure enough they did and it was a double play to end the game.


Colorado, it sounds like you are describing The Bad News Bears.

DVH has confidence in Battles! Battles is a great shortstop. The back hand error was a tough play to make and it was scored an error but the question you need to ask yourself how many shortstops make the that play?

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Sometimes adversity serves you well heading into the NCAA tourney. I think we’re okay and could make a nice run.


The will go as far as the pitching will take them.
The bullpen will be the difference.

Was not saying this is the norm for him or the team. Said it is not in their DNA. Defense has been solid all year. that is the one thing that has been.
Heck, I saw Ozzie Smith boot a ball. He is still the greatest SS of all times.


We can’t be accused of peaking too soon this year…

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One correction, the first inning baserunner was on because of a throwing error by Wallace, not a walk.

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First runner was a walk. Maybe misunderstood, but think that came 1st and he scored on the E. Was listening on way home from church and could be wrong

Kason Howell reached on a first-inning throwing error by Cayden Wallace and scored on the home run by Bobby Peirce. Auburn also had a couple of two-out singles.

Wiggins’ first walk was to Blake Rambusch with one out in the second inning.

Yeah, the first runner for Auburn reached on a Cayden Wallace throwing error. The homer came with two outs, making both runs in the first inning unearned. Chiara led off an inning with a homer later off Wiggins. That was his only earned run of the game.

The first batter was an out, second batter reached on a throwing error by Wallace, 3rd batter struck out and then the clean-up hitter, who wouldn’t have hit without the error, hit a 2 run homer. If you’re talking about the first inning.

First time I have ever been wrong!

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For you stat guys, why wasn’t the second run earned? I know the HR drove in a runner who was on base because of the error, but it seems to me the HR should count as an earned run. Even if the batter would not have come up in that inning, isn’t it better to presume he’d have hit the HR in his next AB in the later inning rather than to count his HR as an unearned run? Am I even correct in saying the HR was unearned only because the batter would not have come to the plate that inning?

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Basically correct, Chip. There were two outs at the time of the homer, so if Wallace had made the play, the guy who hit the dinger would not have come to the plate in the first inning. Thus unearned run. And if the next guy had hit another homer, also unearned.

The rationale, I think, is that Wiggy was pitching differently (out of the stretch etc.) with the man on base in the first than if he were facing him to lead off the second.


you replay the inning as if the error was an out instead. If no runs would have scored in that replay, then it is unearned.


Pretty sure every run scored after two outs and an error is unearned unless catcher’s interference. If we get the first two batters in an inning out, then make an error on the third batter, they could theoretically score 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. runs and they’d all be unearned.

Yup. Auburn could have hit five straight homers with two outs in the first and they’d all be unearned.