Is Drink already in trouble at Missouri

Do coaches generally fire Coordinators, O-Line, or D-Line just 5 games into a season? Yes I know Frank fired Crowe after the 1st game, but that’s an AD. Seems Drink has fired his D-Line coach. I wonder if it was from pressure from the AD or Powers that be in Missouri. I got to think that something like this is a desperate move to place blame somewhere but on the head coach. I wonder how hot Drinks seat is now in Missouri.

Here is the article:

After Drink’s arrogance toward us, I hope we stomp a mud hole in Mizzou.


I watched some of the Misery game after ours got out of hand. The Vols are not a good offense and they just eviscerated the Misery D. I hate to think what Georgia might do to them. I might have fired a coach too after that performance.

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Nope. I’ve got lots of family that are Mizzou fans/alums. They are willing to be patient because of the high rated players he has coming in and putting more blame on Odom than Drinkiwitz.

I will say though that they are wondering if he’s really a good coach or a good salesman.

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He seems like he could be a little like Morris in the sales department! It wouldn’t take much to be a better coach.

Just don’t think he is an SEC head coach material. Same can be said of Butch Jones who has won 1 game at A State this year. I think the former AD at Missouri jumped the gun on firing Barry Odom.


After the arrogance and trash talking that he has done coming into the season, he at best looks like a clown but you gotta think his seat is warming up. Then again they fired Odom at least a year early probably more.

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We will obviously never know but I think they messed up big time. I am deeply thankful Coach Odom came to Arkansas. He has been a rock for CSP in more ways than just as our DC.

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To answer OP’s question, Pruitt fired his DLine coach last year after the 4th game (as I recall). We all can remember how the vols fared after that. Not sure it is a regular happening.

We know that feeling from past five years before SP. He is right but the schedule does his team no favors in SEC. There is a good chance they are ready to call it a year when they meet Hogs in Nov. Hogs are anxious to get that loss last year resolved but have their own issues to solve first.

Mizzou could lose 6/7 more, expecting more heads to roll, Vols made them look really bad to say the least. WPS

Can’t imagine a coach being on the hot seat in the middle of year two unless he is Chad Morris and is showing major, major issues in running a program. Love or hate Drink, he went 5-5 in the SEC last year.

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