Is Doglesby still around?

I haven’t noticed a Doglesby post in quite some time. I loved his basketball insight and reports. Did he come to the new board, change his name, have a health issue?

Don is registered here and has posted some, but not since late last year.

Come on back Dog! We miss your great posts!

Don attended most of the home games this year. His seats are close to my seats and we speak at every game we are both there.

He and I have at times discussed the escalating negativity on this forum after each loss and how tiring it is to argue the same issue. Perhaps he is tired of arguing. I have often thought about not posting myself. Not speaking for him. Just speculating.

We need positive and supportive threads and comments. The team does too. Don’t run off or sit idly by and let the grumps take over. Discussion is good but constant complaints solve nothing. :slight_smile:

Just curious, what is the “same issue”?

I miss Doglesby’s insights. His reports from practices and
his breakdown on the strengths and weaknesses of our
various players always added greatly to my anticipation
and appreciation of our basketball team.
He must do what gives him his best sense of balance
and some of the juvenile comments on this board can
certainly distract from one’s enjoyment.
The foolishness and repetitive and sometimes personally
aggressive nature of some on this board leaves me with
thankfulness that they are not in my close circle of contacts.
Ignorance is easily overlooked but the boorish behavior is best avoided. Life is much too short for such nonsense.
The thought crosses my mind to say children behave but
most of these folks aren’t children-at least not chronologically.
It is a good thing, perhaps, that duels have been outlawed.

Well said. Dilly Dilly.

Life would be better with Dog practice reports.

What name does he post under?

Don is pure gold. Miss his practice reports.

Doglesby. Which of course is his first initial and last name, but we frequently referred to him as Dog.

Same one . . . see a link to his most recent post below.

By the way . . . did you (and other posters) know that you can find the last post for any poster by clicking on “advanced search” at the top of the board, then by typing their user name into the appropriate spot and leaving everything else blank. That will return the person’s posts from most recent , then next most recent, and so forth. There are other search parameters you can use as well to narrow it down, if you’re looking for a particular post, or subject . . .


Thanks for your interest, guys. PJ pretty much is on target as to where I’ve been. Mostly I just needed a break. It turned out to be longer than I expected, primarily because I haven’t figured out the new mechanics required to manipulate the board and hate to reveal my total lack of computer savvy. Having exposed that void maybe now somebody will take pity on me and knock out a short course in navigating Whole Hog Sports.

Miss your insights Don. Hope you get back in the saddle. But I certainly understand your hiatus.

I’m smiling just seeing your post. I now have the hope of
seeing our new team through your eyes and brain.


Dog, I’m so glad to see your name pop up. Obviously people value your input. We don’t know each other but I was truly concerned for you. Use the off season to hone your board skills and come on strong for the season!

That Dog can hunt…