Is Deion that good a coach?

Or is it primarily fame and name recognition?
I never followed his career. I know he was a great Pro, but I have no insight to his coaching ability.

TBD. He brought in way too much talent for the SWAC to handle, and he did not screw it up. He should provide a big talent boost to Colorado, but he also is going to have to put a staff together to coach it. The Colorado job got a lot easier with USC and UCLA leaving the conference, but this is a lot heavier lift for Coach Prime.

The demands on his time and the complexity of running the Colorado program are going to be much, much higher than at Jackson State, which may also create some problems. He needs to hire a really good off-field staff to lighten the load, and he likely will need some good advice from experienced college HCs on making those hires.

Who’s to say?

He was in the SWAC, with by far the most talent and resources. He won big there.

That’s not gonna be the case at Colorado, we’ll see if he can overcome it. Or at least, bring the talent level up.

I think he is a good coach. He’s been dominate. He is a great recruiter. He is about to have a recruiting coup.

You have to be a good coach to dominate at the level he is at. He is a very smart guy, knows how to teach the game and motivate those playing it. Major leader.

A big big big big big big miss for a lot of schools. Recruiting territory has no boundaries. He will be huge in FL and in TX . Major population centers will be PRIME.

Lincoln Riley is wondering what the crap just happened in Southern Cal. He just blew the playoff and PRIME has been let loose in LA recruiting.

I hope he becomes a dual sports coach. He could actually coach 3 really. Football baseball and basketball. Would have to have good staffs to fill overlaps . Would love to see it.

For me, as I think as was the buzz phrase was, his “body of work” is not sufficient for me to make an informed observation. My first impression, and it probably unfair to hold this against him, is that we have so many media creations. If the same medium is telling me the Kardashians are celebrities that is ringing the bell for someone else, I take a “show me” stance. Guess I am too old school, choosing substance over style, wearing a baseball cap with the bill facing forward and believing hard work and living right produces it’s own rewards, not all of which have a dollar sign affixed to it.

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If he can surround himself with a great staff and his name and recognition brings in top talent. An average coach can be very successful. I have a feeling that he is a bit more than average though and will be successful. Time will tell.

He just made a helluva hire as OC

He hired the head coach at Kent State as his OC. I seem to remember we got a MAC head coach as our OC once who did decently, Dan Enos. The Kent State guy interviewed for the Cincy head job and is regarded as a good recruiter and having creative offenses.

Enos is the OC now at Maryland, by the way.

Mike Markuson was his OL coach at Jackson State. Will he take him to Boulder?

Interesting question.

He nor anyone else will coach baseball at CU

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Sounds like Coach Gas is jockeying for a spot on Coach Prime’s staff.

Wow that would be awesome if he was here.

With NIL the recruiting part of the job shouldn’t be too hard. It will all come down to if Colorado can match the cash in recruiting.
Game prep and practice who knows for sure what kind of a staff he can put in place.
Discipline who knows how his team will be! First power 5 job but it was going to happen somewhere at some point. One thing for sure Deion is still full of himself!

Myself I thing the jury is still out, will know more this time next season. WPS

I didn’t know that. Markuson probably the best OL coach we have had beside Sam.

Saw something that one of the Bama guys in the portal called Prime Time about coming to CU.

Our competition to recruit defensive backs out of the portal just shot up bigtime.

Maybe I am a little partial but I have always thought Mark didn’t get the credit he deserves

Agree. He also will need a big budget for assistant coaches in order to lure them to Colorado. A head coach with zero head coaching experience in Power 5 football, will have a tough time convincing established great assistant coaches to come and work for him without above market dollars.