Is Cornelius

back next year?

I think it would benefit Jared to return for another year if he hopes to be drafted. The best he could hope for if he left after this year would be as a free agent into the NFL.

Jared could return next year, but I don’t think he has made that decision yet. He has been hurt so much that you wonder if he considers just giving up football, especially if he finishes his degree this year. He is a talented musician. That might be his professional calling.

What ever the young man decides to do he will be successful! He has a heart the size of Dallas. His injuries are piling up. I don’t think if I was in his shoes I would risk playing again.

The lure of even minimal pay in the NFL might be enough to at least give it a shot. A rookie who makes the squad can make 7x what he would likely make at the high end in most other vocations right out of college. And, even making the practice squad is worth $7000+ a week, but I think that is just the weeks that they actually practice, not for the off-season too. Still, that’s more than a typical college grad makes in his/her first job.

Unless he comes back and blows up next year, I don’t see him going to NFL. Great kid but just an average wr.

Disagree. I think Cornelius is mid-tier NFL rookie WR. This could shake out a number of ways from now till then. As of today, enjoy your SR year next year under a coach who will probably use the WR more than the current.

It may depend on who the coach is.

He needs to come back another year and raise that stock to try and get in the 3rd - 4th round

I think you can expect him back next year.

I would think probably so. I believe there are lots of things to play out before next season. Read between the lines.