is Colorado State looking for an edge?

hired a CBB staffer:

Colorado State: Former Arkansas director of personnel / assistant director of recruiting Daniel Bush has joined Colorado as director of player personnel.

First question is whether it is Colo State or Buffaloes since both are implied. Came from the Athletic again.

maybe he knows nothing, probably but what if he does know that if Sosa has his weight on his outside two fingers then a spin move is coming? Doubt it, and since Coach Morris is not gonna have much is any system commonality with CBB then is probably just finding the right guy for the job. Hear he was good at what he does. Congrats to Daniel.

Im being lazy, but it seems like there was high expectations and hopes for a former Petrino grad assistant who recruited well and had special teams coaching ability. Anyone remember whom I am trying to remember? where did he end up?

we will crush them. I’m taking my 3 sons to the game, can’t wait, should be a great venue and great weather.

One our 7 guaranteed wins next season, then a bowl win.


It will be the middle game of a brutal three game stretch to open the season for CSU. First they have a huge rivalry game with Colorado in Denver, then they turn around the next week and play the Hogs, and then they go to Florida. Their only real advantage in the game is that it is at Fort Collins.

All while replacing the starting QB, RB and three of their top four WRs. They also have some holes to plug on a pretty average Mountain West defense.

Yeah I too was reading they were hit pretty hard by graduation. They kinda missed the boat season past after starting 6-2. But I don’t consider it a gimme, being on the road and Bobo is a decent coach. 1st test for CM.

Marty Biagi is who you are referencing. He is the special teams coordinator at North Texas.

The best GA to come out of the Petrino years was Chip Long, who is now the offensive coordinator at Notre Dame.