Is coach B's seat warm?

Seeing more chatter about Sumlin at A and M and their expectations there. Saw some think Chip Kelly a lock to replace etc.

For us, even after poor last year showing,I tend to think coach B is back regardless of outcome this year, as my impression is that we are taking a long term approach to program and are putting premium on stability in recruiting/player development. Perhaps a recognition that stability critical of we are to overcome recruiting disadvantages in comparisons to other programs in our confeence. I tend to believe our program has to take long term approach.

But curious if anyone thinks coach has to hit a magic number or otherise is in trouble this season?


Don’t think he is on the hot seat at this point. Couple of reasons: payout and his relationship with his boss.

But I do think if the record doesn’t improve by next year (2018 season) that might change. At some point if the W/L record doesn’t improve fan unrest will pick up.

Actually think there is a better chance that BB will leave at some point, rather than being fired. I just can’t get a clear visualization of Long firing BB.

Barring a repeat of his first season, I don’t think there is any way he is fired after this season.

I don’t think it’s warm and don’t know what it would take to get it there. I guess you will know it when you see it (or feel it; you feel heat, right, not see it?)

The season ticket sales for the new expansion might tell Jeff Long something. So far, it appears he thinks he can sell them. Perhaps that changes when the season is done, don’t know.

I think Jeff will be able to sell basketball tickets this coming season. He certainly should be able to sell baseball tickets. They have been able to sell soccer tickets in the past two seasons. So all of those are good things for the bottom lines, but nothing matters like football. The bulk of the revenue for the program comes from football. All things change when ticket sales fall in football. That has clearly not happened. The season tickets for the 2018 season in the new stadium should be good. Alabama, LSU and Ole Miss are coming to Fayetteville. That’s a very good season ticket.

We need to win more than seven games. A lot more would be a good thing.

If the AD is satisfied with 7-5 seasons, there is a bigger problem.

We were talking about this very thing this morning in the office. That is what I said. It would have to be a very very very bad season for him to be fired after this year. Now, in my opinion, if we don’t win 7 or more regular season games (maybe even 8 is the magic number, could be) I think his seat will be a LOT hotter in 2018. So, is the seat warm? I would say slightly. Not hot for sure.

There is a big difference in being “satisfied” with something and being so dissatisfied you fire the coach. I have had many employees that I was, at one time or another, dissatisfied with there performance. That didn’t mean I fired them right away. Usually something like getting fired is a process. At this point, as noted by Matt above, it would take a really bad year for Long to fire him. Does that mean Long would be satisfied with another 6-6 or 7-5 year? I am pretty sure that is a “no.” But it also means he doesn’t get fired for going 6-6 or 7-5 in 2017. That would, in my opinion, make his seat pretty dang hot in 2018 though.

I agree with the consensus of this thread. Going 6-6, 7-5 won’t get him fired, but the chair gets warmer for 2018. Now 4-8? A high school friend of mine has been commissioned to do some artwork for the Bielemas’ house pending the arrival of Baby Bielema. Jen might be consulting her again on how to pack that art for a move if we go 4-8.

So we went 7-6 with two big second-half collapses (possibly three if you count TAM). But let’s just say we somehow held on to one-point wins at Misery and in the bowl. That’s 9-4 and enthusiasm for 2017 is rampant, with exactly the same returnees, and no one is discussing the temperature of the boss’ seat.

Certainly big leads like that get you on the hot, or at least warm, seat as it should. This was a team good enough to get those big leads but when the momentum swung could not maintain them. Sure wish we were coming off a 9-4 season, but the reality is we’re not. We can only hope the team plays well enough in both halves of every game this year that what little warmth CBB may be feeling this year is a cool breeze next year.

If his seat is not warm, then Jeff Long has not been paying attention. If we have another year like last year…7-6 and 3-5 in the SEC…yes, Jeff Long will have to decide what to do with the head coach. He may decide to keep him, but he will have to think about it. So, yes his seat is warm, but not hot…yet. I hope Bret has a good season, but if we have a bad year in year 5…things will not be good.

IMHO its time to quit blaming coaches (except Coach Smith who didn’t even know the difference between Ark and Bama)

Ark needs to produce or admit its a good second tier Football program where because of us the truly great programs are refined to greatness because we make them that way - but we ourselves - well our record speaks for itself

Hoping I am proven wrong - I’ll gladly eat that humble pie - I’m ready for that taste in my mouth

Please let this eyar be the year of a major turn around

I would say with 100% certainty that Jeff Long has been paying very close attention indeed to the performance of his highest-paid employee. And the seat is still not warm, whether you like it or not.

Swine, you are a know it all who does not know it all. You just agreed with me in your prior post and now you are on my butt about my post. Please take me off your reading list. I would really appreciate it.

Our W-L records in the Bielema era are as follows:


There was clear improvement after the first year, but little or none since. I don’t think it unreasonable to expect a good record and a much improved bowl trip after four years.

If you want Jeff Long’s perspective as written by Chad Scott on the “hot seat”: … unds-like/

If his seat isn’t even a little warm then our AD has different expectations than I do. Someone mentioned the “what if” of Missouri and Va Tech. It could easily be “what if” with La Tech and TCU.

7-5 next year shouldn’t get him fired IMO, but the seat should then be hot. You take away his first year in the SEC and he still has a losing record in the SEC with no wins against aTm.

It should be warm right now IMO.

What do you truly believe we should be at for the football team?

i want a NC every year but we are a long way from there.
even with the apostle CBP we still got smashed by the 2 best teams in the league.

I wish I could, pal, but I’m a moderator. Thus I have to read everybody, no matter their intelligence or ability to contribute.

Win the west once every five years…

Once Saban is gone.