Is Choking a Fireable Offense?

Razorback Soccer has made the SEC Championship 5 straight times, they’ve now lost all 5.

Would you move on from the coach after this?

You are kidding, right?

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Kinda, or mostly…

I’m about 70% not serious, to 30% serious.


Fire the coach that just won the conference championship because the coach didn’t win the tournament? Tough room.


I think your 70 percent is the way to go.

No way on earth or anywhere else should that even be a thought. Where was the Soccer program before this coach?

Think Nolan. He openly didn’t care about the SEC tourney. Only won the tourney when he needed it to get to the ncaa tourney. There would have been a statewide mutiny if he’d been fired any time in the 90’s.

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I don’t know who the soccer coach is, but it sounds like he/she is the most successful coach on campus right now.

A football or basketball coach would be getting huge raises with that record.

You feel the same about Van Horn to?

Nolan had a Final 4 and Elite 8 run under his belt in his first 5 seasons though. He could hang on that

2nd maybe 3rdish… Behind the Track Coach and Van Horn.

he needs a breakthrough although it looked for him to swallow today. He gets the kids and his system works until the finals… He is not alone in history and when he breaks through (he will) then he should get multiples for crowns. I did not like his demeanor or bench presence today and thought it impacted his kids. No way it ever crossed my mine that there could be a replacement for him except Mia Hamm who did coach after retiring. Jill Loyden who was on the field for television today also could take what Hale put together and win a little more, but could not probably recruit with him. NO one in women’s soccer who could take hisn and beat yourns or take yourns and beat hisns. Today counted on defenders did not play their best and their support did not step up, and Vandy kept the ball in their possession today more than anyother tourney game. Vandy dude is a continuous excellent teaching line. Hale brought us to the top his way and we will be happy and fortunate to keep him.

If he wasn’t a foul ball catch away from winning a National Championship :pensive:, maybe…

I could hear Colby through the field mic. He sounded the same to me.

Felt bad for him when he got the yellow for protesting the offside call. TV crew was clueless on the play.

Vandy dribbled the ball across the mid line, passed back to keeper and Arkansas was called offside.

Vandy deserved the victory but that was pretty weak yellow. Alright to just say, “Sorry coach, we missed it.” Colby was asking the center to explain the call and she could not.

First 5 minutes of second half set the tone. Arkansas tried to move forward off the dribble and pushed the ball past defenders and were body checked. Two of them were called fouls. They did nothing with those set pieces and did nothing for the next 30 minutes as Vandy dominated mid field. Passing in Midfield is not this team’s strength. Generally they send it forward and let forwards pressure for mistakes.

The freshmen got knocked around a bit. And defense did not play great, per the usual.

The third Vandy goal was the result of a physical play at the top of the box. UA freshman fell down. Keeper had no shot at rocket off cross bar, beautiful goal.

Vandy could have scored more but rarely put shots on frame after going up 3-1. Arkansas had three great chances in last 10 minutes but shots went straight to keeper.

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Yes it is time for Colby ’ Marv Levy ’ Hale to seek another line of work. May I suggest selling bridesmaid dresses? I did not get to see the match today as I was busy rehearsing for a Christmas play. I am playing a wise man, but I’m sure most of you would would have known that even without a program. I was shocked to see that our athletic, high pressing, direct attacking ladies lost to a plodding buncha modores. I figured they would be easy like Sunday morning. Apparently their gal in goal played like a brick house. I found Clay’s comments about our midfield interesting. IMHO, a weak midfield in soccer is kind of like having weak linebackers in football or a weak shortstop in baseball. You may excell enough in other areas to win a lot of

games, but sooner or later it will cost you. JK about Coach Hale. He’s a keeper. I’m sure he’ll find some middies and get that tourney championship soon.

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Sure, fire our women’s soccer coach. Then you can go over to Pro Football Hall of Fame Buffalo Bills Coach Marv Levy’s house and tell the 95 year old he’s fired too, he can’t win a Super Bowl. Kirby Smart, pretty piss poor too, he can’t win a National Championship. Coach K lost multiple times in the Final Four before he won a National Championship. Dean Smith too. Losers all. I totally agree. Give me (and Colby) a break.

They were really bad, and Coach Hale has brought the soccer program to another level. But has he plateaued?..