Is Chevin Calloway off the team?

this was just mentioned casually on the Buzz, unless I “mis-heard” them.

from starter to DNP-CD, now maybe off the team? what the heck, he’s young but was highly recruited and had some speed, I hope this isn’t true


There has been no official announcement, just the statement that he is dealing with some personal issues.

What ever the personal issues are I hope the young man is ok. Everyone needs support and help especially young men away from home for the first time!
Let’s hope he is able to get things straight.
The defense needs the speed he has.

something definently doesn’t seem right.I figure we will know somethng real soon.

Where is LaDarrius Bishop - hurt, not ready , etc?

Not ready.

What is the story on T.J. Hammonds? His status for Auburn, or even the team?

What do you mean?

Word is out there is he’s not traveling this weekend

Undisclosed injury maybe ?

They are traveling with a set number of running backs. He may be the odd man out.

But I’m just guessing.

It’s being reported elsewhere that Calloway quit the team and Morris has been trying to get him back. Hammonds is a little dinged up so it makes sense that he’s the odd man out this weekend. This is just stuff that’s been making the rounds, but it has been through multiple non-related sources.

Is his “quitting,” if he did, the result of being switched to nickleback, if he were?


If he quit because he lost his job, that tells me all I need to know about his personality and his competitiveness.

If true, let him walk.

Coach Morris said on Monday that because of the 70-man roster limit for SEC road games, that only four tailbacks would go.

Hayden has been hurt as well.

as Chevin, I hear plenty of rumors - some that sound legit and some that don’t - but nothing that I can back up with validity.

As y’all know by now, this site doesn’t traffic in rumors and/or fake news