Is Cason Tollett injured?

Or, is he just not playing?

Yes, he has an arm injury that has kept him from throwing and batting. Dave Van Horn told me today that the best-case scenario is that he’ll be able to start playing in a couple of weeks.

Do you think Tollett will be the #2 Catcher when he returns?

I think he has a good chance to be.

Tamez has had too many passed balls. He had the same issues in the fall when I watched a few scrimmages. He can hit, but defense is more important at that position. Tollett can hit, too. I think he’s the better receiver and that’s why I think he’ll be getting some action behind Opitz when he’s healthy.

Well IMO no excuse for just not catching pitches that were very catchable when you play for the University of Arkansas. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He does seem to swing the bat well but until he improves his catching I would never put him out there again.

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Catching (catchable) pitches and blocking the plate are both critical in the college game.

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