Is Burks okay?

It didn’t look good the way he was sitting after the onside kick.

He played the entire game hurt
Incredible effort


Yeah, but he seemed to have hurt himself more on the onside kick.

I sure hope he is okay… for him and for the hogs.

I so wanted to see him get to the 1000 yard mark. He was 796 and with todays effort of 179 that puts him at 975. Just 25 short. That’s an easy get when we play Missouri… provided he is not hurt.

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Look like there was something wrong with this leg… The thing he has going for them is incredible physical therapy at his disposal.and he will be able to do it all week since they will be out of school

Why was that not personal foul for hitting a defenseless player. He came from the blind side .


Because it’s BAMA.


That was a cheap shot and total BS that it wasn’t called


I was wondering the same on that sideline hit on the onside kick. Looked like a high cheap shot. I guess that’s not a play you could call targeting on, but I’ve seen targeting calls that weren’t that vicious.

Shouldn’t it be called on any play? That being said, I think a time or 2 it could have been called on bama in other parts if the game. Saw one on a replay but it cutoff very quickly.

I replayed it several times. It was a clean block (he had his head in front of Burks) and Treylon was in bounds, running toward the football when he hit him. It’s just that Will Anderson hits so hard it’s almost unfair. I watched to see if Anderson went out of bounds and ended on top of him, but he actually pulled up right after the hit.

I really, really hope Treylon isn’t injured badly. That would be awful for the Hogs, but even more so for Burks after this great season he’s had.


They also let Bama get away with targeting all day. I remember 3. One was one the reviewed mark for a first down that we came up short on. I think it was on KJ, another was also on KJ when he was running up the middle.


And I don’t think the Long bomb for Bama was a catch. Announcers kept saying his hand was under the ball, the only thing under the ball was turf.

Of course announcers have no bearing on the corrupt conference managers. But, these were also the same announcers that thought our OC was Coach Bryce all afternoon.


Amazing performance for the ages of Arkansas sports.

Nothing left to prove.

I can’t imagine his agent advises playing anymore in college and risking further injury.

And we should be grateful he played this much, and should be all American, and that we had him.


Yeah, that wasn’t targeting for sure. That is why I did not mention it at the top. But Bama could have been called for targeting on a couple of other plays.


No doubt but the SEC would frown on it,

Yes they were. I’ve heard several times from TV officials this year that if you lower and lead with the crown of the helmet and launch yourself it does not matter if you hit helmet to helmet. Its still targeting. There were several times where our players got lit up that very way and nothing but crickets.

There were a couple of PIs that weren’t called as well. You’d hear Gary Danielson even call things a bad call or begin to point it out then clam up. When he is pointing it out you know its got to be there. I would point out that several times I saw holding but there is so much holding in football you could call it almost every time. So I expect those to be regularly missed.

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I thought they missed at least two targeting calls on Bama and one on us, but I’m personally glad they seem to have gotten away from calling so many targeting penalties in games.

The biggest missed hold was a defensive hold that should have been called against Bama when they held Warren and he couldn’t get to the pass (or it could have been called PI also) on a big 3rd down play, but they did call two big holds on the Bama offense which basically killed scoring drives for them so I guess it somewhat evened out.

We had our usual false starts, but all in all, only six penalties for 25 yards was much improvement for the Hogs. Bama had 5 for 45 yards.

One of our penalties was a very bogus Intentional Grounding call on KJ.

#1 he was outside the tackle box and
#2 he had a player in the area.

Even the TV official was surprised and said that they usually give some latitude on that if there is a player in the area.

I guess not when the area is in Bryant-Denny Stadium.


That was all about the cheatin refs.