Is Brandon Martin a mid-term JUCO?

or will he be here in the summer? Sorry if this has been posted and I missed it.

Yes, he is signing his NLI today.

Yes, and he had three years to play three.

When do they expect him to sign?

That’s fantastic. Football is following in the steps of Basketball. Mike got the overall numbers 1, 3, and 6 JUCOs.

Bret got the #1 WR and #2 overall, and the #1 TE and #9 overall JUCOs. If there’s ever been a 5-star JUCO, it should be Brandon. He’s the #2 overall JUCO, but with THREE years of eligibility remaining, and he’ll be here for Spring football!

Not sure. Just know he said today. I know he wanted to sign at home in Monroe so he could be traveling.