Is Blackshear back in play?

Heard a rumor we might still be in it after all.

I have no clue and have assumed Kentucky.

One source believes Kentucky or Tennessee while another thinks Arkansas is still in play.

I honestly don’t think anyone has a firm idea what he’s thinking.

Just think that longer this goes, he just might remain at Va Tech. Is that still in play?

Interesting thought. A grad transfer not transferring after all and staying with friends and team mates of his chosen U. I would hate it for us but would be a fun statement to see a kid make - there is no place like home.

The KY site that released that a few hours ago says his decision is based on making the FF, that’s why they believe AR is out of it (as well as aTm). They also believe he’s no longer interested in KY. If he wants to make the FF, returning to Blacksburg definitely won’t help him accomplish that. Interesting to see how this is playing out

Edit: Same site says the FF thing is why it is between TN, FL, and KY. Ummmm???
TN lost Schofield and Williams, they aren’t making a run, KY doesn’t have the superstuds Cal needs to make it. That leaves FL? Did they improve with recruiting? Are their freshmen better than their departing SR’s?

I love the genuineness, and I’m sure all those things play a part.

Sounds like he is hoping for interest from Duke, UNC and Kansas.

I still think KY will be it.

Am I the only one who thinks we have a better core coming back than UT? I’d take Joe and Jones over turner and bowden.

Also if Hogs land KB I think that calls for a WholeHog meet up! I’ll bring the margaritas and Frio light for everyone!


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