Is Bielema the answer?

I mean seriously how many second half meltdowns do we have to see to realize that something is wrong? We are a good team but this just makes me sick to my stomach. How much more do we deserve?

Depends. What’s the question?

He is the answer to the question “Which Arkansas coach is responsible for losing the first 24 point half time lead since 1970?”



He will never win more than 8 games at Arkansas. Plain and simple. He was an over rated coach when hired. Was in a great situation at wiscy with an at the time weak big 10. It’s clear that they are still chugging along better than ever without him.

In a word, “no”. He is in over his head in the SEC it would seem.

AND an uncommon player stealing from sponsor of Bowl Game…


Apparently he is over his head in the ACC also.

Might not be…

Uncommon Men

that marketing/recruiting tactic needs to be shelved for a while

I’m not right about a lot of things but I’m right about BB

I shuddered when we first hired him and he started running his mouth about Bama…about Auburn…just about anything

He is 10-22 in SEC play
I think 26-25 overall

And, we are the fan base than ran a 9 season win HDN off…it’s looking doubtful if we will ever reach 9 wins again

Speaking of mouth running I heard on the radio this morning that he guaranteed in the halftime interview that we’d play 4 quarters this time. Is this true?

Never fear -the BB bandwagon boys will be back in full force soon.
Bashing those horrible BP, HDN and Gus lovers as usual.
Enjoy those “Uncommon” 7-8 win seasons!


Bielema does appear to have a problem with turning preparation into results. He keeps believing that what he’s doing will work, and it keeps blowing up in his face. Major disconnect. Bielema goes as far as promising results he cannot deliver. This is a serious concern now.

The light at the end of the tunnel could be the billboard advertising “It’s a New Head Hog - Come Get Your Tickets” or it could be bits and pieces of promise that are still there if you look.

While the second half collapses are disturbing (ok, maybe beyond that now) part of the pain is that they stand in such stark contrast to brilliant first halves. We have coaches who are very capable of scripting great starts. The issue is when the script fails (Auburn) or it runs out (Mizzou, VTech).

I have not rewatched the first half, so this is all on recollection:

  1. Pettway and Stewart involved in the gameplan. Purposeful touches for young players who bring speed to the game.
  2. Sent a clear message that O’Grady is an able replacement for Sprinkle (remember: Va Tech had no knowledge of the suspension, just like UA fans) as you know that Sprinkle would have been wide open also for the early TD.
  3. Huge first half for Hatcher, our most complete WR by some measure (as proven by Morgan’s fumble-itis and meltdown)…and then the Hatcher disappearance in the second half.
  4. TJ Hammonds wildcat.

Conclusion One: we ran out of script.

Conclusion Two: we could not “coach up” the players to the adaptions needed to keep succeeding.

Conclusion Three: Austin’s instincts and hot-reads/audibles to not line up with what we need big-picture to win. He does not target Hatcher as often as Morgan if both are on the field. He seems heavy-handed, opting to one side of the field a lot when executing hot-reads/audibles. I might have both of those very wrong.

It clearly hasn’t worked yet.

Yep. He said it. I saw it firsthand.

He’s a big blowhard.

so he is to say we will not play hard in the second half? really?

Where is the bashing of AA for panicking and just throwing balls in crowds or hitting players in the head instead of out of bounds?

Morgan fumbling twice.
I think he is the best answer we have.

I guess my question is where do we truely believe that we should be in the conf.
Not some hope and a prayer. Yes we all want to win the conf and i believe we can.
Can we do it every year? no we cant , we are not Ala, Hell even LSU hasnt won it in how many years now with all their talent

I will be happy at 8-4 and 4*4 in conf any time. i think we will dance at 9 wins sometimes and next year is going to be one,

My biggest problem is we do not play aggressive, i told my wife when they had the ball late in the first half and just was happy to go in like that we would lose momentum is a big thing in sports and its hard to stop.

Yes, he did say that they needed to play 4 qtrs and he’d talk to the team about that

er, 25-26. :wink: