Is beliema scheduled

For any type of press conference to review season or to talk about his program? When does dead period end? Are coaches on break right now? If so until when. Are coaches on vacation right now? When will off season weight program begin? Sorry for all the questions, just curious.

I assume it will be the same time as the last three seasons and that has been a week to 10 days after the season is over.

Coaches don’t get vacations in Dec., Jan, Feb., March or April

Most come in June and July and they are slated during dead periods.

Dead period last 12 more days

Off-season weight program won’t begin until after the kids are back in school - which I think is the 20th or so.

They are just like regular students now and on break


No press conference is set right now. Generally, there is not one for another couple of weeks.

Hell, yea, give the man a break he has a lot of issues that need to be settled. I can wait. That’s one thing I have learned in 78 years on this wonderful Earth, including 47 years of marriage to an angel from the wilds of South Arkansas.

From the wilds? What place is that? Funny. My wife is from DeWitt. Kind of wild down there, too.

Classes start Jan. 17th for the spring semester, the day after MLK Day.