Is Beard OK?

He hasn’t seemed himself the last 2 games. He’s had an uncharacteristic 3 assists and 6 TOs. Hasn’t played with abandon on either end like he usually does. I think these last 2 games have come after he re-injured his right shoulder?. Is it affecting his game? Or is he a little under the weather? Or is it just a couple of sub par games and he’ll be back to his old self next game?

Don’t know, just seems like every time somebody is thrown into the starting lineup they play worse. Happened with Hannahs, then Cook, now Beard. Some guys may just play better off the bench. I noticed one thing Beard said in a presser when asked about coming off the bench, he said it’s an advantage because you get to watch and discuss what’s going on, so when you go in you know what you need to do. So it might be an adjustment period with coming back to the starting lineup.

I thought he played pretty well against Mizzou.

Yeah, he scored 11 points, but had 4 TOs. He had by far our best assist to TO ratio before these last 2 games (3 assists to 6 TOs). That’s why I asked about his right shoulder. His right shoulder won’t affect his shot much, but if it’s really sore it would affect his handle, rebounding, and passing. I noticed Mike didn’t play Anton down the stretch tonight when the game was on the line.