Is BB too hard on the players?

too many rules?

Are players in the doghouse getting less playing time? It seems to me that he has a short leash.
We threw or gave the ball to X and then never went back to them…doesn’t make sense

If anything he’s not hard enough. Too nice

I haven’t heard any of the parents or players thinking that. Bret is a player’s coach but he’s very demanding too.

I don’t think anyone has lost playing time this season because of off-the-field stuff. In fact, this has been an offseason marked by perfect attendance and great accountability. Bret got what he wanted over the last 8 months as far as that goes and players have been doing everything they are supposed to do, so I don’t know who would be in trouble or in the doghouse? I don’t see that anyone’s in the doghouse.

Maybe our coach is in the doghouse and the s#!t is
running down hill.

CBB was hired to implement a solid football program, on the field and off.

He has done a nice job with the off the field side. I really like what is happening with the academics and the lack of legal issues.

Now, if we can start winning some football games, he will be doing what is paid to do. $4.4 M is a lot a money. I’d take one year of that.

Pretty soft society we live in. I’d say he has control and accountability of the team off the field! The on field accountability we watch Patton catch a pass. The next play he drew a penalty. I really didn’t notice him on the field again. Of course we really never sustained drives or needed to change personnel on 3 and outs.
Coach B needs to take accountability himself and the same for the staff.
When you get beat everyone goes nuts including me. Especially when we look horrible. Austin Allen is the same QB that passed for about 400 yards last against Bama. I don’t think we should be critical of him. The receivers and young are inexperienced. That’s the difference. The Oline is better than last year just not great in pass protection or run blocking.
Coaches and players need to put thier big boy hats on and figure it out.
Hogs fans our basketball team won a game in the NCAA tournament, our baseball team was a good nights sleep away from a trip to Omaha and our football team is simply in a funk ever since the meltdown at Missouri. I’d say being a hog fan is better than most. Find something positive

I agree with you 100%. I am hoping for bowl game. Didn’t expect hogs to roll over anyone this year. I’ll hang on for the ride and then I’ll move to basketball.

I think he is too easy on the players. I have never seen him chew any player out on the sideline during a game. He probably does, but I have never seen it.

I sit on the visitor’s side at Fayetteville and Little Rock. I have seen Nick Saban, Gus Malzahn, Ed Orgeron, Tommy Tuberville and many other coaches just tear a player or players up and come back and chew on them again. Dog cussing is the phrase that comes to mind. Of course, the greatest butt chewer of all time besides Saban would be Bobby Petrino. Tough love, so to speak.

Coach Bielemas acts very nonchalant during the games…almost indifferent. How he keeps from throwing a fit…I have no idea. While Rome is burning…he plays his fiddle.