Is Bama that good?

or is KY that bad? Probably a combination of both, but Bama looks really good. It is fun to see KY getting blown out in the SEC. Slime better do something or we will find out what coach for life means.


A little bit of both. Bama has the players to get rolling but Kentucky stinks.

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Bama playing at home. They are like Arkansas. If they, or us, are playing any team in the country we can embarrass them on our home court. It means that much.

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Yeah IMO they are that good,incredible Length and athleticism. 7 footer keeps you from scoring at the rim,Great speed and size everywhere else.Guards will blow right by you on offense and have several that can hit the 3, going to be really hard to beat.1st rounder in the 6’9 freshman Miller.

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Oscar only scored 4 points and three UK starters went scoreless in the second half. That’s a bad a no-show as you’re going to see.

Meanwhile LSU laid a first half egg at Aggieland, down 11 and shot less than 30%. We’ll see if they can get it together.

I’m not sure we have the perimeter shooting to blow anyone out at home. This team is going to win their games on defense. I have no problem with that.

Not sure Cal hasn’t lost the confidence of his team and he seems to have lost his edge. Ky fans are growing weary and never been a patience group to start with as fans go. Many more games like today and he won’t be looking out the window at bluegrass! WPS