Is Austin Allen truly, truly the best QB option?

Guys, we look less than pathetic. I think we’ve choked on Kool-Aid. I think Austin’s head was so swollen he has a tough time looking away from the receiver he’s been taught time and time again not to stare down.

My gut feeling is that we need to bench him and go with Ty just so we can start 2017 off with a better prognosis. We sure won’t lose anything going with another QB. Bout the same results, unless that QB knows to look for the hot receiver.

I would’ve said this if they had lost. Austin overall played well enough to win. He was 20-29 for 191, 2 TDs. He made a couple of bad decisions and it cost him 2 ints. That can be worked on.

The offense has to eliminate te negative plays. If they do that, they have a chance to be good. Part of the problem was they got away from the run in the 2nd half. Especially the 3rd qtr.

Sure seemed like CBB said RUN in the 4th didn’t it

Nothing like going straight to panic mode. AA made some mistakes and was put in some difficult situations due to some blocking issues. Certainly expect both will be addressed and improved.

Based on the time stamp, this was posted before he went 4-for-5 for 39 yards on the game-winning drive. I don’t think any of the other QBs on the roster would have been able to do that based on what we’ve seen in the scrimmages. And I think the others (all freshmen) would have folded under that pass rush, too.

I thought Austin played OK. He had one pass that he probably would like back. I didn’t think the first interception was necessarily a bad pass so much as it was a great defensive play. Austin completed 20 of 29 passes. He probably should have had two more completions but Cody Hollister dropped two passes. Not a bad day, in my opinion, especially given the pass protection problems.

It is certain that Austin Allen is the best option to play quarterback for this team. My biggest concern remains pass protection. If this line protects for him, he will be good enough to win a lot of games this season. The line and the backs (and that seemed to be an issue at times Saturday) must work in a tight mesh to get the right guys blocked by the right guys. Pass protection is the deal right now.

Defensively, the tackling has to improve by a bunch. Tackling is always less than perfect in openers. You just don’t tackle your top backs enough to simulate game situations. Games are faster than any practice. Technique is better in the secondary, but they can still improve on their coverage of the slants. They must improve there. I thought it was better in the fourth quarter. There was one man running free in the fourth quarter down the field. That cant happen.

Austin did exactly what I expected him to do - what ANY football observer should have expected from a player making his first start. People need to understand that while it helps that he’s a fourth year junior, he’s had 3 different offensive coordinators and there is no substitute for playing in REAL games. Inexperienced QB’s - in particular, with all that goes with that position - WILL make mistakes early in their playing career that they will probably eliminate with more playing time. When you combine that with an offensive line that (a) has undeniable talent, but (b) had never played together in a game before last night, it was totally predictable that Austin would be under pressure and would make a couple of mistakes - and that’s exactly what he did.

Now, given that, the good news is that the rest of the time, he played pretty well. Not “Brandon Allen 2015” well (yet), but very well for a guy making his first start. He’s got to learn to get rid of the ball quicker in some sack situations, but aside from that and the two picks - which were absolute mistakes - I was very pleased with his game yesterday.

Someone sitting with my group said pretty much the same thing (about sitting Austin and giving Ty shot) early in the 3rd quarter. I asked him, why would you expect a guy with less experience to come in to tough situation and do better? And, what message would that send to Austin, and to our team? Better to go with Austin until/unless he showed that the game/moment was too big for him. And he didn’t.

Fred, you are nothing if not predictable. You don’t like the Allen family or any member thereof, and no amount of success can change that. BA finally shut you up the last two months of last season, but this is all it took to bring it back out. Yes, it’s that time again.

Austin will be ok. Would have liked to see more leadership Fire from him.

Seemed the whole offensive was feeding off his passiveness at times.

Would like to see some swagger which hopefully comes with more experience

I thought AA played pretty well overall. The INT’s were costly, but CBB said one of those was more about a bad route by a receiver than by AA’s decision.

The last thing in the world I’d want to do is go to the QB the coaches don’t think should be the starter, especially when he played as well as he did. It’s been said many times the most popular player on the team is the 2nd string QB. This seems just another example of that mindset.

Wiz, you say Austin has had three OCs? This is his fourth year. He had Jim Chaney for two and this is year two under Dan Enos. That’s two unless there was someone between those two that I can’t recall. (I know there wasn’t.) I know Bret has had two DCs, Chris Ash and Robb Smith. He’s also had just two OCs, Chaney and Enos. I don’t disagree with any of your points, just the facts on the OCs.

Haven’t watched the replay. Was at the game. Heard coach B say on the a home that the veteran receiver didn’t run the correct route. This, Austin was anticipating something else. Did we not learn anything from the early bitching with Brandon - myself included? Can’t blame Austin when he was harassed most of the day. If there’s anything to bitch about it is the oline and defense against the pass. I don’t understand why we don’t bump receivers at the line more. But I’m not a coach. Just glad we won. Lot better than losing to Toledo. Let’s embrace watching Austin work through the process of improving this week.

Hard to play qb when you are running for your life and getting sacked a bunch. Both line and backs missed blocks. I saw Whaley and Williams blow blocks. Alex Collins was so good at that. Gotta coach then up. Holtz did a great job when they blitzed they played our slant pass very well. They knew our hot route. Great coaching by them. In fact I think we were out coached in all 3 phases of the game. They should have had at least one more pick. Don’t fault Allen however he does stare down receivers.

The best player on any team is the QB who has never played a down.



Don’t forget the pair of dropped passes by Cody Hollister in the First Quarter. I thought AA’s passing was very accurate and the offense was about to get into a good rhythm. If Cody makes those catches the entire game could have been different. He stopped two promising drives.


Austin Allen seemed like the least of our problems yesterday.

made big plays to win
and THE big play
in fourth quarter and on fourth down

staring down can probably get better

im quite happy with him

the original post may have been made before the last drive by the way… probably a lot of us less happy at that point

I was most disappointed with play calling. I lost my voice screaming at the TV to “run the damn ball”. We got too cute with the offense in 2nd and 3rd qtrs specifically. I’m sure they were throwing because they were loading the box, but some times you just have to line up and run them over.

I’ll give Fred credit for being constant in his dislike of the Allen boys…