Is Arkansas on the verge of winning a lot more games?


Interesting take. Overall optimistic. I like it. He’s right that we thrive when at least 2 or 3 other SECW programs are down. Joey Freshwater will probably have OM playing pretty well. Rev. Freeze will probably do well at AU. Don’t know about MSU. Jimbo needs BP to succeed in Aggieland.

I get what he’s saying…and he isn’t wrong.

On the other hand, if we (or anyone from the bottom half of the division pop up into the the top half, we HAVE to have displaced one of the teams that was there the year before. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re having an “off” year…it may just mean that in the current year, we’re simply better than them.

Can’t have everyone at the top.

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It’s definitely a topic for discussion, anxious to see how all the changes on staff show up on the field. WPS

Interesting off-season takes, understanding it is yet several months before possibilities have emerged as realities coming out of preseason practices. Key contests wait to be played to demonstrate we are improved defensively to win in the SEC. Arkansas felt improvements in recruiting along with thought to be better player development tested early against four SEC opponents in away games before playing at home against Mississippi State. Imagine the statewide level of depression with four straight losses at Baton Rouge, Arlington, Oxford, and Tuscaloosa before returning to a 3/4 full stadium game against the Also-ran-MSU Bulldogs. This is a schedule made to retire a head coach unless miracles occur in winning two of those four games to create the possibility of a November accelerating high. Lossing all four at best will be another November bumping along in the same dismal downward spiral to another hyped but meaningless bowl game. For now, we can choose to be optimistic and upbeat until the final whistle against the Aggies before first thinking it would not be the first time we beat LSU in Baton Rouge.

Way to early to be swayed either way, I feel we should be better which means absolutely nothing at this point. Definitely like the way recruiting and the portal guys we picked up has gone so far. WPS

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Strong QB play cures a lot of ills. Mustard skyrocketed last year largely due to the emergence of Hendon Hooker. We have the most experienced QB in the league in KJ, and if all these defensive transfers can make a few stops it wouldn’t take much to win a few more (we could have gone 10-2 last year with excruciating losses to A&M, Liberty, LSU and Misery).


Injuries happen. Who has depth to survive?

Depth is starting to build at Arkansas.

QB is a perfect example. It is a huge key.

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I believe I mentioned awhile back after attending a full spring practice and the spring game, the optimism around the program was high. I’m talking winning 9-10 games or so.

A lot is based on the personnel on D. The O with Enos could be the best since the 2015 offense.

I am very interested to see what Enos can do with KJ. Can KJ improve or is it KJ topped out already? Could KJ regress in this system? Those are the questions. Sam has made a few digs at KJ doing KJ things in what I took as negative. Was that to push him to be get better? Or is he really frustrated at KJ’s ceiling?

I personally assume it was Sam pushing KJ’s buttons. Also, (as an optimist) I believe Enos will be able to elevate KJ’s game. I think KJ will be focused on the NFL and will be working on his short to intermediate game. I assume Enos will work to implement some quick strikes to avoid the long drop backs and sacks. We will see a slightly higher percentage of runs called, more TE routes thanks to our new TE coach and focus on TE depth. I can’t wait!

On D, I really hope the 4-3 is the answer and these new secondary players can go. I am really sad over McAdoo’s injury. As a football fan, it’s easy to want to fall into the “poor pitiful me” role we are quite good at as a Razorback fan. It seems we always have injuries to our most talented players. Then of course you realize this isn’t a game, and we are talking about a real person having real injuries to work through the rest of their life. At least, that’s my true mental state. So back to football and our D, I do think we have improved depth at all levels, so improvement should be seen- especially when we were so bad last year statistically.

Special teams- let’s hope improved depth improves special teams at all levels. Of course, we love Little at PK. He’s definitely the lone ST highlight. Everything has been a bit of a let down as the ST coach came in with such high hopes. We need to see all levels improve to get to 10 wins.

Finally, I have had too much coffee (obviously) and WOO PIG SOOIIEE!!! Go Hogs Go!