Is Arkansas located in the Canadian wilderness or something?

To hear announcers during LSU and some select pundits describe our program and fact we produce few D1 prospects, you would think we were a far away place using different currency.

We all know our program does not sit on top of an annual plethora of talent and we need put resources into it, but it’s not like we don’t closely border four states who have plenty for use by many programs.

It’s not like we haven’t recruited our region of the country very well in the past.

I’m the first one to be critical of whether we put the resources required to be at the top into recruiting, and we know we are don’t sit on top of Cleveland or Atlanta markets as examples but come on, to suggest that little Arkansas does not have access to traditional nearby markets regionally where we have had much success is ridiculous.

The Arkansas job is a great job with great fan base, history and facilities, and when the administration and coaching leadership is aligned and focused, recruiting successfully around our region and traditional territories can be as good as anyone.

We never heard that a few years ago. Petrino’s years and even when Bielema finished 8-5 we didn’t hear that crap. One thing Morris did right was get our recruiting blueprint out again in East Texas, eastern Okla, north Louisiana, and Memphis. Hopefully these freshmen will like our new coach and hangin there and we will get this going in right direction

Totally agree

We do not have a great fan base.

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IMO, the new HC needs to not only make recruiting in Dallas (5 hours from campus) and east Texas a priority, but he needs to also hit Tulsa(2 hours) and Oklahoma City(3 1/2 hours) areas hard. At the same time we need to recruit hard in Kansas City (3 1/2 hour drive from campus) and St. Louis (5 hours from campus).
Obviously, we have to retain any SEC caliber talent produced in Arkansas every single year while getting some others from bordering states TN, MS and LA where we have established recruiting ties.

Go Hogs!

Arkansas has a huge fan & alumni base in DFW and presence that gives UofA the opportunity to sign top talent here in the best football recruiting market. No. TX is approx. mid-point between ut, aTm, ou, & UofA. The fan base is frustrated with our bad coaching decisions. We just need a coach who can prove success to HS recruits & the ability to get our top recruits into the NFL.