Is Arkansas administration doing this also?

Good for Notre Dame. I wish our AD (or the SEC) would require vaccinations for fan attendance to basketball games, since they are indoors. I don’t care one way or the other on football or baseball since they are outdoors.

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Be careful. Getting political again.
UA…Campus of Champions

No idea but I wouldn’t have a problem with it.


How is discussion of a mask requirement political? Why are masks and vaccines political?


It’s a health issue, not a political one.


AMEN! What’s political about common sense actions to combat a pandemic?


Masks and vaccinations are clearly political issues whether they should be or not.

It’s political. Let this thread play out and you’ll see.

They sure as Hell shouldn’t be

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In fact, if they don’t require vaccination to attend BWA games, I am going to have to think about it before driving up there. Unless of course people of our state cooperate and bring that vaccination rate up to 70% level.

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I’m surprised they aren’t telling the press they can show up in 2025

I’ve had the same thoughts and that’s a real bummer for me. Since my Mother passed earlier this year, this is the first year I’ve bought football and basketball season tickets. I moved back to central Arkansas (Sherwood) 8 years ago, after my Father died, to take care of my Mom since she wasn’t self sufficient.

After eight years, I’m really looking forward to attending most of the basketball games. I hope the good people of Arkansas get their vaccinations and/or the UofA makes vacs mandatory to attend the games.


The Legislature passed a law this year banning State entities from implementing vaccine requirements. This applies to State universities, who cannot mandate employee or student vaccinations.

Unless UA can somehow spin Razorback games as RF events, I don’t think they are going to mandate vaccinations as a precondition to attendance.


It’s not a problem for me either way whatever is required to attend games, but these days separating the science from the politics is difficult to do.

I think it would be a good idea to “require” everyone to either be vaccinated or recovered from the disease to attend events (how to enforce that mandate is the same circular argument that’s been made for months).

But, from the standpoint of the science, there is certainly not consensus opinion among the experts that previously infected individuals should be vaccinated.

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I had forgotten about that. You are right.

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There’s no detailed record of your vaccination, besides a little card that can be made and copied anywhere. It’s not logistically possible at this time to be sure everyone is truly vaccinated. Hopefully our vaccination rates go up, they won’t though, or enough get the virus that it’s run it’s course by basketball season. I think outdoor football games will be fine. Gottlieb says it will peak in September, he’s been pretty much on target since this mess started in 2020.

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Yes, but the SEC can still limit attendance or require masks at events like SEC games.

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With low vaccination rates, we can only hope the current surge reverses in AR & in other SEC states over the next 6 weeks. Otherwise, SEC & other conferences will intervene & place limits. With a son at UofA, also hope campus will remain open.

The SEC deferred to local guidelines on attendance last year. Capacity limits were determined by the universities.

As far as credential policies, those have not been set this year, as far as I’m aware. Vaccination proof won’t be required at SEC Media Days in Hoover next week, but there are some capacity limits the SEC must adhere to that were put in place by the hotel that hosts the event.


Since I’ve been vaccinated, I’m not really worried much about myself. My main concern is that a basketball game not get identified as a “spreader event” with a result that attendance be eliminated or greatly reduced.