Is anyone else considering buying seats in new

North End Zone?

My family is making the move from Section 105 to the new seats. The view might not be as good, but we think the extra benefits will be worth the extra costs.


I’m definitely considering. Doing the online selection on Thursday.

I am going to look at moving up to club level, but not NEZ. Family and friends still do a big tailgate party, so the inclusive food and drink doesn’t mean as much to me. I almost never eat anything inside the game, and usually only buy one coke, maybe another water at Sept. games. I am a big guy, I know I am bigger than my seat, so if I sit with anyone it’s usually a small neice or nephew. But even when I go by myself with my two tickets, I am crowded in the bleachers. I’ve had the same tickets for 20 years, don’t recognize anyone who sits around me, and have to repeatedly point out to people giving me dirty looks that I have two tickets, I am not the one causing the problem. Just tired of the hassle. I am going to try to find two on an aisle either on the east side or the SEZ. I know a lot of people in the east club seats are getting pushed out by the new suites, but I’m hoping a lot of them will go to the NEZ. Don’t have a lot of priority, so I don’t know what will be left by the 17th.

I’ve got 2 reserved, pick them out on Monday. I’ve also got SEZ club seats, so I’m used to the end zone views, I like it just fine.

I’ve sat in the SEZ for years. The reviews are mixed. The food is very mediocre and should not be considered a drawing card.

I love how you can see plays developing from the end zone, and you get a real close look at half the touchdowns.

Also, how will the sun be in the NEZ during 11, 2:30, and 6 o’clock games? The good news is they are adding a 2nd scoreboard.

The chair back seats are the main draw-very easy on the back and very comfortable, and you don’t have to fight anybody for space on a bench.

The food is better than the regular concessions, lol. The sun won’t be any different than the East side or the East half of the SEZ. I’m keeping my SEZ seats and trying a couple of NEZ seats for the year to check it out.

We got on the second level just outside the goal post in NEZ. I pumped about it. You can drink beer and the food is free. Good times!!