Is anybody intrigued about

the “New” United States Football League (2022) - Wikipedia

What do you think?

Ask me in five years.

I don’t really have any interest in it. They’ve tried before and just going to be hard to have football in the spring.

They will have to earn my attention.

I saw that Cheyenne O’Grady is on the Tampa Bay roster.
To bad he didn’t have his act together while on The Hill because he had NFL talent.
As far as interest in the league, I can’t see it lasting very long with the quality of players they will be able to attract at 45k base salary per season plus $850 per win and $10k bonus to win the Championship.
Players have to pay their own rent, but the league has contracted with Hotels for $75.00 per day.
I believe this tells you everything you need to know about this cheap league and why it won’t last.

Dust in the wind…

Yawn, not again.
The first USFL couldn’t make it in early 80’s with all the money & good players it started with. A certain owner in New Jersey basically brought it down alone.
But they won the lawsuit against the NFL. Got 3 dollars.

I think it’s kind of funny that they are bringing back all the old names, but playing all the games in Birmingham. I enjoyed the original USFl. It was fun watching Gary Anderson play for Spurrier with the TB Bandits. I doubt that I’ll pay this one much attention. Unless maybe, a former Razorback becomes a starting QB for one of those teams.

Enjoyed the original USFL also. There were some future NFL HOF’ers in that league.


A Razorback changes everything, IMO

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I just can’t get into spring football leagues. I fill my weekends with football for five or six months. I like the time without it. It makes me appreciate it when the season comes back around.


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