Is anybody else

watching Chandler Morris right now. This kid can do it all! I believe he will be a 5 star QB next season. On Fox sports southwest 676 on directv.

Yes, he’s the real deal. I wonder who on our coaching staff can recruit him? :roll:

I hear somebody on staff is really close to his mom.

He might be good enough that we need to break the rules a bit to get him. I mean it wouldn’t bother me if the HC even slept with the kid’s mother to get him to come here.

IDK, that seems to be taking things a bit too far. Ah, why not? It’s Christmas!!!

Kid has a better arm than anyone on campus now and is only a junior. he makes quick decisions.

Watched the game…he is very good and only going to get better. I believe we offered the QB at Longview as well and he is playing now. He is good too!

Oh my. Reminiscent of JacksonHog’s legendary Benoit Benjaman recruiting story!