Is Allen playing hurt? SIAP

I’ve heard more than one person, including a former player, wonder out loud if Austin Allen is playing hurt. Any insider info on this?

Sorry if this has already been discussed.

He sprained his knee against Auburn and missed a week of practice, but the coaches claim he’s fine. They say the last two weeks have been more about the defenses he has faced than him being limited.

will be interesting to see this play out after season…wondering if knee scope or surgery is awaiting the end of the season. Can the accuracy and loss of arm strength be attributable to not being able to step into the throw because of the knee?

Being at the LSU game, I kept turning to my friend and saying it looks like Austin Allen has difficulty making throws. What QB makes two or three throws in a row into the ground short of receivers?

Was there also…he is hurting or his injury has affected his mechanics…it is obvious his footwork is causing problems. It looks as if he doesn’t trust or can’t with his knee step into his throws.

I think he is hurting or is over compenating. Of course, I don’t know, but that is how it likes. Playing behind this line, it is wonder he is still alive.

I’ve thought the same thing. What I don’t know is that if his footwork is bad because of the knee, or because he has happy feet expecting to get sacked. Maybe some of both.

I think the comments from the press conference today probably gave us a hint. All those sacks and hits are influencing his ability to process/act on what he is seeing out there. It’s not a concussion thing, and it’s not fear. It is more a case of not being able to concentrate as well on what he needs to see down field. I think the problem for AA now is a lot more mental than physical, and that will be a real challenge for Enos to solve in a week.

I think part of the answer may be in play calling. Enos is a talented play caller, and he may have to find some ways to give AA some early confidence, and then go back to the more complicated stuff. The good news is that MSU will likely play mostly man, and not play it as well as what AA has seen the last few weeks, so there will probably be some opportunities for his receivers to make some plays for him.

His shoulders and ribs have taken a beating. I think he has to have something that hurts when he throws, because it doesn’t appear to be a limp in his knee. I am guessing he has a rib injury. Ribs hurt when you twist and raise your arms. I know those get in your head with abrupt pain, so you protect your ribs instinctively. He has been a warrior and taken too many hits. Love the kid’s spirit and willingness to wait for a route to show up.

I don’t think he’s injured. But he may be looking at the rush. That will do it. Gotta focus on the receivers and his key and then play on instinct. Dan Enos said about the same thing yesterday. When the protections are good, I’d say he throws fine. But there was looseness to protection against LSU, just as it has been all year.

One thing that looked clear to me, he was throwing more quickly against LSU. I’d heard coaches and TV commentators talk about Allen’s penchant for holding the ball too long the last three weeks. He got rid of it, to a fault, against LSU.

So the answer is to not look at the rush, don’t hold it too long, don’t get rid of it too quick. Do everything perfect. OK, easier said than done. It’s a hard position to play. Enos said the key is to get him back to playing the way he practices, on instincts. Can he do it on the road? I bet he can against Miss State and Missouri. They will make a quarterback look better and allow them to play on instincts.

I’m convinced he has a back injury.