Is Alex Collins on any NFL team?

I have nothing on him lately.

He was released by the Ravens after his arrest, and then broke his leg, requiring surgery and is unexpected to be signed this season. Now that could change as the season goes on and injuries to teams mount, but as of now the answer to your question is no

Thanks, Baked, I did not know about the leg.

No problem, board is super quiet tonight. Let’s see if me saying something makes that change.

From Budda’s Instagram page
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Can’t see it, what does it say?

Hmm, maybe you need to sign up for Instagram to read it. Basically that he broke his leg, had surgery, but plans to return to football. He takes a lot of words to say that, but that’s the gist of it. Also says he’s had some “challenges” (like getting arrested and getting cut) but is growing as a person as a result. Also that he’ll be back Irish dancing.


As for Instagram, it says it’s a private account and you gotta ask permission to see it

OK, I remember that now. Alex accepted my follow so I can read it.

Thanks, guys, I hope he can make it back and have a good careeer.

If Budda is signed by an NFL team, he will be suspended for the first three weeks as an active player due to his arrest. Which doesn’t help his case, but maybe someone has RB injuries and needs late season help. He has posted video of his workouts on Instagram so he’s staying in shape.