is agim injured?

he didn’t light up FAM, and TCU just abused him.

He’s a guy we all thought would be in the NFL soon. on TCU’s second TD drive, they were attacking him, ran to their right about 5 times in a row, with their OL just tossing agim to the middle of the field, so he was completely out of the play. I never thought I’d see him just abused over and over like that.

he was so explosive last year, but looks slow and weak now, so I have to wonder if he’s ok? Or maybe it was just constant double teams and our staff not placing a LB on his side to make it harder to double him? I don’t know enough about the game to figure this out, but would appreciate anyone’s insight.


Greenlaw made 17 tackles playing behind Agim. The attention that Agim is getting by blockers frees the will linebacker to roam and make plays. I didn’t see any DL get anything going against TCU and that’s partly scheme. It’s set up for the LBs to make the plays.

He was double-teamed on many, if not most, plays. He looked completely spent by the end of the game.

McTelvin Agim made nine tackles, second on the team behind Dre Greenlaw’s 17. Santos Ramirez and De’Jon Harris were next with eight. So I would say that Agim was a factor in the defense with that number of plays. He was in on two tackles for losses.

McTelvin has 13 tackles on the season, second behind Greenlaw’s team leading 19. Seldom do you see a DL rank that high in season stats. He’s off to a good start for a DL who is covered on every play.

One of the things that was obvious, Santos Ramirez is an improved player. His interception was a great play. He also forced a fumble, although he ended up with it out of bounds.

100% accurate
I must eat a plate of crow. Santos has been a whipping boy of mine and I said David Williams wouldn’t get 250 yards all season for Arkansas

Those two have far exceeded my expectations and are real assets

He’s not slow and weak.

He was double-teamed throughout and that is what allowed his teammates to have the opportunities.

Some made plays, some did not.

But that defensive effort into the fourth quarter should have been enough to win with any help from the offense and special teams.

Hill hurt us last year with his legs so it was known that we were going to contain him with gap control/keep a pocket around him. Agim and others had to hold their ground more so he could have had even more tackles. He will get loose against some other teams and you will see