Is 7th in SEC the Best We Can Do?

Based on trending, recruiting and coaching, it looks very much like an uphill fight to be the 6th or 7th best SEC Team the next 3 years. In terms of talent, consistent performance, coaching, schedule timing, division strength:
(1) Bama
(2) LSU
(3) Auburn
(4/5) Tennessee/A&M
(6-10)Florida/Georgia/Ole Miss/Arkansas/Miss State
11-14 Carolina/KY/Vandy/Mizzou

Next year, we’ll be picked somewhere between 8-10 by coaches and media.
Should take 3 solid years of much better 4-star recruiting and better coaching and consistent results to reach the upper tier of top 4 teams (once or twice) in the league…maybe by 2019 or 2020.
Don’t expect Bama, LSU, Aubie or UT/A&M to rapidly decline. Florida or Georgia will re-emerge as an every year 10 game winner. Hogs?