Is $5M for assistant salaries a hard number?

Brad Davis got a contract for 510k last year thru 2021 so I assume he will have buyout supplement, but will not probably move down in salary… so 500K for Coach Sam seems reasonable budget for Davis.

Tray Scott was 470k last year at Georgia and will require a bump to get him to change from Athens to Fayetteville, so again 500k seems to be the minimum needed to budget. Real need given his recruiting success and the sooner the better, but Kirby will be respected and raids will have to be timed to after the bowl because that is what an upright guy like SP would expect to be done.

How much for Caldwell?? 2018 salary 360k

How much for Lunney? 2018 salary 350k

big money for AR historically, but not impressive for SEC.

I cannot imagine keeping Chief, but if we don’t then he will get a 70% buyout which has to fit a budget somewhere. Ditto Craddock. subtract salary obtained in a new positon somewhere, but we are gonna run out of staff money sooner than later.

Most important hire will be S&C coach, whom seemed to be well received last year but no idea how his long and lean theory matches the Sam preference. Lane did hit that hire already for OM and did a good job. I’m hoping for good news and positive media with all upcoming hires, sad to know how much media impacts possible recruit perception of a program. Make it happen Pitboss.

The quote I saw was “about” $5M so there’s a little wiggle room.

We’re thinking he’ll bring Tray Scott but Tray may like it where he is. Sam says 500 people want to work for him, if Scott isn’t one of them we’ll find somebody just as good probably.

We don’t know for sure Lunney is staying. They were awfully vague about that yesterday. As for Chief, I suspect he’s already called the movers.