Is 21-10 going to be good enough?

To not have to worry on March 11?

I think so. And it doesn’t really matter which games we win or lose. Why? Because all five of our remaining opponents are top-30 RPI; that’s Quadrant 1 in the new NCAA system. One might tank (Jellycats?), but not all five. So all five will be top quality games, home or road. projects 20-11 with 3-5 vs RPI top 25 and 5-7 vs. RPI top 50, and a likely RPI ourselves of 36. Make that 21-10/4-4/6-6 and we should be safely in the top 30 ourselves, which is lock city.

Run the table, you ask? RPI 17. Not only a lock but a strong candidate for a top 4 seed, especially if we then play well in St. Louis.

Swine I really don’t know for sure the way Lunardi dropped the hogs from a 10 seed to an 11 seed when they won 3 in a row!
The most important games to win are the 2 road games at Bama and Missouri.
On the 3 home games Texas A&M looked bad this week in a loss. I hope we can beat them.
Kentucky if we can pressure them they will crack! They can’t stand pressure. They turn the the ball over at will. The main reason too beat them is to extend Greaseball “Cals” losing streak to 6 because Bama will go to Kentucky and extend the losing streak to 5 this weekend.
If we can beat Kentucky and have Auburn come to town it’s possible the hogs are motivated enough to whip Auburn at the Bud!
I hope the hogs finish these last 5 games at least 4-1. I hate sweating it out on selection Sunday. I still think we get snubbed a seed line or so lower than what we should have. Mainly because of the 2 looses to LSU and The loss to Moo U.
Our RPI could move upward toward the low 20’s. That would also put the Hogs in the SEC tournament as a 4 seed and give them a chance to win it’.
These last 5 games right now would be aginst teams with RPI’s below 30. Bama moved to 30 after last nights games.

They dropped because of the low RPIs of those teams.

That’s not an issue with the next five.

Well Dudley when your a 10-11 seed to me in means you better win! It also show the head to head wind over Tenn and Missouri must not hold much weight. It also show that the 2 losses to LSU hurt the hogs and doesn’t matter for Texas A&M. I would like the 10 seed over a 8-9 seed but some of the teams they are comparing Arkansas too aren’t that good! Of course I also realize the hogs have shown they play ball about half of each game!
My question for you does a loss hurt today?

One down, two to go. Rebound like that, we can beat a lot of teams.

Swine that the best rebounding the hogs have done in a few years!

he never said losses domt hurt. He said our rpi went down because our wins were against low level opponents and our next opponents arent low level. Obviously we cant lose at home and help ourselves. We still need to win. Todays win helped a lot, but we cant lose the next 4 and be okay.


Swine that the best rebounding the hogs have done in a few years!

[/quote]From minus 15 to plus 12. What a huge turnaround in RBs. That 21-10 is a pretty good call. That’ll clearly be good enough for Big 12 teams.

Lundardi said during the TAM game, win 2 more home games and we are locks. We’ve won won of them last night against TAM just need to get one more.

I agree (or think I do) that we only must win one more to get into the tournament. But losing still hurts. It certainly hurt us to lose to KY last night. Had we won we’d have been in better shape than we are now that we lost. We help ourselves with every win, hurt ourselves with every loss. It’s just that some losses hurt worse than others & some wins help less than others. (And wins against terrible teams also can hurt.)