Is 2019 the official end

Of Hawgball? Most of us believe it has been coming for a while with the rule changes, tight whistles favoring the offense, and more time outs allowing teams to rest. Some will say it ended years ago when Nolan left. Mike is a link to the past. What a great time that was for Razorback Basketball. It was fun to watch. I salute Nolan and Mike for so many great memories. If it sounds like I am closing the chapter, I am.

Could the 94 or 95 team compete with the teams playing today? Yes, but that team had grit, shooters, defenders, leaders, and each person filled a need and knew their role. Mike is not Nolan and that is not a knock on Mike. Nolan demanded respect and he got it from his players, staff, officials, etc. He put fear into people and they responded is what I am really trying to say. He was a teacher and motivator plus one heck of a coach.

I want Mike to succeed and will be happy to eat crow if he keeps us competitive playing his style. Go back and watch the Missouri game that opened the Bud. That was an NCAA tourney team that they took behind the wood shed. I think the Hogs won by 50-60 points that day. That could not happen in today’s game. I want to be a competitive program that plays for Championships every few years. If Mike can’t do it then I am afraid there is no other solution but to move on.

RIP Hawgball