Irony about this year's CWS for me

When I looked at the field, I do what I always do - I looked for the outcome that would - IMO - best serve the Hogs. I looked at the one bracket - Miami, Oklahoma State, Arizona and UCSB . . . hate Miami, does Hogs no good for them to win another championship in any sport . . . OSU . . . local rival, has won CWS a few times, does us no good recruiting against them . . . So that left UCSB . . . sure, we’re far superior to them in all sports . . . but they have a good baseball tradition and we don’t compete with them for recruits . . . so why not? Arizona? They have won a few, and are a premier program. So that doesn’t bother me that much.

On the other side . . . Florida, Tech, TCU and Coastal . . . Florida is kind of like how Texas used to be in football . . . they always get the top ranked recruits, but have never won the whole thing . . . and I wanted to see that continue. Tech is a program that should never win a National Championship, especially in baseball, before we do. Our program has been way ahead of theirs for years; I didn’t want to see them get lightning in a bottle (like NC state did in basketball 30+ years ago) and win won before us. TCU? Actually, TCU is one of my favorite schools not named Arkansas. I generally pull for them. But, again, I didn’t want to see them win a Championship before we do. Historically, we’ve been better, longer although they have stepped up the past 5-7 years and it wouldn’t have been the fluke Tech winning would have been. So, by default, I was pulling for Coastal for the same basic reasons I listed for UCSB above.

So, my “dream” match-up in the finals this year was UCSB or Arizona vs. Coastal, with my preference for winning the whole thing being Coastal, UCSB and Arizona, in that order.

And - guess what? It happened, just like that. That NEVER happens to me. In particular, if Arkansas is involved (which they weren’t, this time). But it fell out just like I wanted it to. Irony number 2 is that i was so freaking busy at work that I didn’t see but part of one game. But i did keep up with who was advancing.