Iowa State to allow 40% capacity at first game

While Iowa in general and Ames in particular are having a spike in COVID-19 cases. Not sure of the thought process here.

Jack Trice Stadium seats 61,500 and they’re letting 25K in, so it’s actually a touch over 40%.

On closer reading, it appears to be a trial. If the fans wear their masks to the first game and behave, they can attend the rest of the season. If not, they shut down and play the rest of the year in an empty stadium.

Heard on Morning Buzz y’day that ASU is allowing 12K in its 31k stadium. That’s almost 40%. Seems high to me—at least if 6 feet is a desirable minimum between groups. As a practical matter, that’s no change for them.

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Wow. That’s quite a reversal. From an excessive crowd to zero crowd seems a bit much to me. They could have safely cut it to somewhere between 10-20% I’d think.

That is now old news, they have decided to now play with NO FANS.

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