Iowa State loses to K-State

The Fighting Campbells gave up the final 10 points and lost 27-17. If MC is our man we’re getting him off a loss with a 7-5 record. Boy, 7-5 sounds really good right now…

And Pettway dropped a key pass in the fourth quarter. Must have had a Razorback flashback. :crazy_face:

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Campbell is respected for rebuilding w nothing more and beyond one game than some who hide behind a school brand can ever allow themselves to declare

Campbell loses
Leach loses
Fuente loses
Kiffin wins, but he ain’t leavin’ Florida
So now what?

Saban, coming off a loss due to a lack of field goal kicking. We’ve got them beat there. Plus, I imagine we do a lot more punting than others also.

Yes, we must scratch every coach that lost yesterday off our list. You are only as good as your last game, and losing begots losing. Is begots a word? I hope so. I am only as good as my last post.

Nobody said anything about scratching anyone off our list. Never seen so many people putting words in my mouth.:roll_eyes:

Nah I know you didn’t. I stand by my statement though. No one who loses on elimination Saturday should be considered! That includes you Nick Satan. How did the Skipper do yesterday?