IOS 15 updates

Those who use our APP should note that IOS 15 is not compatible yet. There are some bugs in the latest IOS that don’t work with all websites. There was a message from the developers that they are still working on that.

On that note, I have never met a “developer” that I like. Just kidding. If you are a developer, assume that we have not met.

I had a notice of an IOS upgrade yesterday. I upgraded to version 14.8, but passed on the 15 upgrade. I prefer to wait until the bugs have been worked out.

It just dawned on me that Marty might have been a “developer” at one point in her career. So maybe I just didn’t know it when I met a developer that I did like?

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LOL, I worked on those big old mainframes. I guess that I was a developer, but it was a different world then.


Me too, Marty.

Today, I just look like a “mainframe”.

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