Iona hires Rick Pitino

And the question is why? It’s hanging a sign on your program “Hey NCAA, come hammer us.”

The Piano Man

High baller low crawler.

A report said Rick and a top Iona donor owned a horse together and the new Iona President and Rick have a history together.

Big recruiting battle on the way for New York area kids between Seton Hall, Mike and Rick.

It will get interesting if Iona suddenly becomes a destination for high profile recruits.

If the Corona virus stays longer than expected then Pitino will likely start in 2021 … maybe. Hey, you notice how “nothing” is on TV except news and repeat old series on so many channels? Takes us back to the 1950s and 60s TV, without many choices, right? Might be nice to get to know our families a bit more and learn how to read a book or go jogging around the block a few times a day and lose some weight. This all sorta shows us how our parents (or grandparents) in the 30s and 40s lived every day. An old AM radio and listening to horror shows at night and some news in the morning and about 6PM… Then came some early FM stations and times began to change, then color TV comes along and then ……… Here we are today but going BACKWARDS for a change… The aliens are here watching us.


Slick Rick back at it again, huh.

Just wondering HamOp, judging by your stage name here maybe you operate a high powered Ham Radio and been talking to Tokyo, Hong Kong and/or the aliens about the world situation?
Maybe I misjudged the name all together, lol.

No, jimbeau77, I talk to the aliens via mental telepathy. They do not need antennas or amplifiers. LOL

The hamop is from my owning years ago a pig slaughter facility (operation) and we shipped meat to several places for their final product purification and shipping… Oink oink. Go Hogs. LOL

No doubt you’re a “true hog” sir.
Say hi to the aliens for me, btw I do think they are there. Do they like pork?

I know there is a time and place for second chances and forgiveness, but this is embarrassing and repugnant that any University would allow him to be the face of its’ sports program.

The problem for RP at Iona is that he’s trying to recruit kids to a team that plays in what is almost always a one bid league. I think he’s more likely to bring in some transfers and try to make an immediate splash than to go head to head with all the schools-including Seton Hall and St. Johns-that go after the upper tier NYC area talent. There is of course a lot of talent in the area, but outside of big slush fund he is recruiting with a short stick.

Think they prefer humans or fish in the ocean. LOL LOL Not sure what their true daily diet is or how they relieve themselves or what they wear. Ancient Aliens shows don’t show an actual picture, but the Roswell military say they wore no jewelry or clothes or had hairdos and no cologne or perfume scent. Can’t wait!.

Well stated nlrbuzzard! Agree, but the fans will take the chance on being successful and take the brunt of mismanagement when and if it occurs

IMHO Rick Petrino is the poster boy for what is wrong with NCAA basketball. But who can be surprised with anything that happens with the sport nowadays.

He can coach basketball but the facts show that he’s lacking in many other areas.

ESPN will glorify him, just like they do with Calapari, Self, Pearl, Holland .

Slick Rick and those you listed add Wade to your list and many others should be in PRISON! They are all dirt bags! The NCAA has plenty of time right now to take care of the FBI junk and pass down the punishment to all of these dirt bags and clean house!

Yes I forgot about Wade.

Army, unfortunately NCAA rules violations are not against the law. You can’t go to prison for that. If the FBI heard anything about Will Wade’s strong-ass offer that could have gotten him in jail, they would have charged him just like they charged Chuck Person and the rest.

Show-cause order? Absolutely. And that’s what Iona is risking. But not prison.

Cal is he face of blue blood Kentucky.

Does he not have to through a NCAA hearing?