Iona beat Bama


Also, Kansas beat North Texas 71-59. That is only 4 more than we beat them by in the preseason.

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Bama system is gimmicky to me. Oates discourages his players from taking mid-range shots, just layups and 3s only. Also, not sure what to make of a coach that doesn’t have his players practice free throws. Bama players missed a dozen of them today.


Good, we move up at Bama’s expense…

The layups-and-3s is not new and it makes sense analytically. Pete Carril was doing it 35 years ago at Princeton. If you’re taking 15 footers and making 40 percent of them, your expected points per possession is 0.8. If you’re taking threes and making 31 percent (which is what Bama is doing so far, and is low for them), your EPP is 0.93. So the numbers say get rid of the 15 footers. It’s even more pronounced if you’re shooting 35% from deep as Bama did last year (1.05 EPP). You would have to be shooting 53 percent on 15-footers for them to be more productive than threes at that 35% from deep.

IMO you design your system to let the players do what they do. Moses Moody is good at midrange so you wouldn’t want to discourage that. But Oats would, and does discourage that. I went back the other night and watched some highlights of our win over Bama at BWA last February. Jimmy Dykes was talking about how Bama had just bricked a midrange shot and Oats would not be happy with that.

I was listening to that game as I was driving back home from visiting family for Thanksgiving, caught the last 8 minutes on TV when I got back… Iona is a very solid team

How does that system translate to the pro game and affect players who aspire to the next level?

There are several pro teams who run a similar system. Check out the Warriors’ shot chart. Not much midrange at all.

I understand what you’re saying. From an analytics standpoint it makes sense. But the Bama guards would curl off screens and drive to the rim and throw up a wild shot that had no chance of going in. Bama’s 5-star PG frosh (JD Davison) absolutely killed their chances of winning that game w/wild drives to the hoop, along w/missing 5 FTs. Why not pull up for the short jumper at the elbow, or take 2 more dribbles and shoot a little floater like Steph Curry does all the time?

The color commentator (name escapes me) during that game mentioned how the mid-range shot is “a lost art.” I’m glad Muss gives his players the freedom to take shots between the rim and the 3-pt line. Bama is talented, but it seems to me like they limit themselves on the offesnsive end of the court. Just my opinion.

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I see. Then that system would work if you have “off the chart” 3-point shooters (I kill myself). Then again, once you get into the mid-range area things get more congested. And in the flow of the game those openings happen, and who passes up a wide open shot if there is a 50% chance of making it?

If you’re playing for Nate Oats and you have a wide-open 15-footer, you’d better pass it up or you’ll be grabbing pine soon afterward.

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