Introducing our When I Was Hired series

Part 1 in our 5-part series detailing the backstory to head coaches being hired at Arkansas takes you back to last April when Eric Musselman was brought on to lead Razorbacks basketball:

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Scottie will write two of these stories and I’ll write three. There are a lot of interesting nuggets that coaches and officials shared that I think you’ll all find interesting.

Interesting topic, thanks Matt and Scottie.

This begs for a “When I was fired” series of articles. Just kidding. Maybe not. We have had a lot of recent cases to write about to keep you guys busy until live sports are on again.

Good job, Scottie. I especially appreciated that you included the family human element. GHG!

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Very nice Scottie…I really enjoyed the read!!!

great story on Musselman,who are the others in the series?

I’d rather not say who all we’ve interviewed just in case someone tries to beat us to the punch. I think they’re all good stories that are really interesting.

I don’t mind telling you that tomorrow’s will be on Lance Harter.


If at all possible, would appreciate greater detail. Like where they lived, how their priorities in buying a house, how long they lived out of suit cases, the pros and cons of where they moved from and moved to, what they miss from the ole site and what they appreciate from the new site. What they think are their coaching strengths and how it compares to UA’s weaknesses. In their own words, the differences in facilities, campus, lifestyle, etc…their favorite restaurants at NWA, etc…


All the research and detail he put into his interview responses were a true indicator of his coaching style. Details are important.

Hunter did good with Muss. I pray that Sam will be the answer in football. I have a good feeling about him.