Intraconference transfers

The Mountain West was the latest to rule against intraconference transfers. Others, including the ACC, have already done so.

I wonder if there is any talk within the SEC office of adopting this at some point?

My understanding has been the SEC “office” administers the rules/bylaws approved by the member schools. Sankey challenged the member school leaders to do something about the current SEC rule barring these transfers during a meeting to be held this month. We’ll see what the schools want to do before the end of the month I think.

I hope not

I understand the motivation to exert some rules on transfers, but if one thinks about the young people, isn’t it likely that for instance SEC athletes, that a majority of them come from within the footprint of the Conference? This being said, if a kid from Atlanta area goes to Kentucky and gets homesick and wants to play at Power 5 level then Tech is only choice. Kid from Rogers, Ar who goes to Kentucky and has same situation has no Power 5 option, with in conference transfers being disallowed.

Now that money may be brought into play, I guess I might look at it differently, but in the current situation I would see the kids having the first level of protection, then the schools and lastly the conferences.

The Mountain West abolished a rule that previously forced athletes to sit out an additional year if they transfered within conference. Previously, if you transferred from Colorado State to Wyoming, you had to sit out two years.

Essentially, the Mountain West, ACC and others are updating their bylaws to fall in line with the NCAA’s one-time transfer allowance.

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