Interview with Hogs OC Kendall Briles

very excited to see what he can do with Franks!
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I like the comment when asked about his goals. He said that the first thing needed is respect. I agree. Do that before anything else.

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I agree!

Thanks for the link Youdaman! First, Kendall gives a great interview. Very comfortable with the camera and the mic. Just sounds like a “head coach” waiting to happen. I hope it’s after 4 or 5 successful seasons here.

It was great hearing that Kendall actually reached out to Sam about the job. Just one more thing to show that we made the right head coach hire. You could tell how genuine Kendall was in his praise about CSP.

I would have never thought it possible several weeks ago, but I’ve made a complete 180 degree turnaround regarding the football program. I’ve Gone from the depths of despair to nearly drowning in Razorback red kool-aid.

Totally agree on Briles,he is well spoken and articulate…I think if we can give him a much improved OL he has a chance to totally transform this offense. I’m like you I’m really looking forward to seeing the changes on both sides of the ball… the schedule is totally not fair to us so we’re going to have to be patient but I can see their turnaround happening day by day.

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