Interview with Art Briles

Tom Rinaldi interviewed him on Outside the Lines.

When asked about a specific allegation, he called it “sketchy.”

Then at the end of the interview there was this exchange:
Rinaldi: “What do you think the Briles name means right now.”
Briles: “I certainly hope it means honor, um integrity, passion, and care.”

Are you kidding me?

He is definitely in denial or his attorney has told him to answer any questions he gets like this.

I watched him interviewed on TV this weekend. He was in denial or something. It was a weird interview. He said he made mistakes but he never owned up to doing anything wrong. Just strange.

LDHog, that was likely the same interview that was shown on Outside the Lines today. His attitude seemed to show him to be in complete denial. He seemed to think that he had done nothing wrong.

What do you think he’s going to say. He wants another high profile job next year.

I expect exactly what happened with BP after he hit the ditch. He got a lower level job, had some success there for one year, then moved back into FBS. Briles will probably do the same thing. He should be even more radioactive than BP was, but somebody’s desire to win big will overcome their need for good public relations.

I am already hearing some “Scuttlebutt” down here in Austin from some Houston alums that are thinking Herman gets LSU, Auburn or A$M if one of those opens up and Houston in turn reaches for Briles again.

It will be interesting to see what happens with him.