Interior Defensive Lineman

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But I’m a little Concerned about our lack of recruiting D-lineman in this class and in particular the guys inside. We obviously had a great Dline class last cycle, those guys are so important in this league and we need at least 8 solid guys there… with Billy Farrell and a couple of others heading out we probably need another strong class. I just hope this staff doesn’t drop the ball on recruiting Dlineman like Kurt Anderson and the last staff did with the Oline guys. Doesn’t matter how great of a coach you are that can get you out of a job quick

The 2019 class had two guys ticketed for interior DL play from the start (Taurean Carter and Enoch Jackson) and two DEs that are either going to switch to DT or play a lot inside on passing downs (Collin Clay and Eric Gregory) simply because they are growing into interior linemen.

If they don’t go pro early, we will have Briston Guidry and Jonathan Marshall as senior interior DLs in 2020 and Isaiah Nichols will also be a third year sophomore.

So that’s seven to play two spots in base-type defenses and a third spot in goal line/ short yardage situations. That suggests to me that they need to sign one or two interior DL guys in this class. If anybody leaves that number goes to two/three, and if you can sign a guy who is just too good to pass on then you certainly take up to three.