Not surprised.

the only Grace Christian in TN is small Williamson County school. We teach our residents to read carefully and prove it before believing journal articles. I guess catfishing or more like noodling Rivals was more easily accomplished and should make some who proudly put Rivals rankings on top do a little questioning of their sources… Wonder if we will get to know who let this slip through??

Gives the recruiting sites a lot of credibility.

Not sure. We all make mistakes but this was obviously a case where someone saw the twitter account and thought we better make this kid a profile without calling the school and checking on the kid. If a kid doesn’t have a HUDL account that could be a red flag. That said some coaches aren’t the best at promoting their kids and don’t really do much to help them but you can still pick up the phone and at least verify the kid is real.

Kind of funny to be honest!

Didn’t read the op, so don’t know the context, but there is also a Grace Christian school in Knoxville. Has a strong athletics program in its classification.

Montego Powers was the original fake recruit.

This kind of thing is as old as the printing press. Even the fabled New York Times has fallen victim to hoaxes like this:

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Coached by Manti Teo’s girlfriend :lol:

Now that’s funny right there.