Start at the 11:10 mark and tell me if the Mizzou defender was IMMEDIATE in recovering the fumble

NOTE: edited to embed YouTube video and start it at the 11:10 mark. -BBH

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I believe we’ve all seen this by now and the UofA has to present this along with other bad calls yesterday to the SEC league office and demand they overturn the ruling yesterday and award a 28-27 win to the Razorbacks! Fines be damned, call them out for the cowards they were yesterday by not getting it right.

Pretty much what happened yesterday. The ref in the Mizzou game ruled one way and then went to video review and ruled a recovered fumble for a TD.


Is it even possible for this to be overturned and rule Arkansas the victor? WPS

Only in a dream.

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I am an old guy that remembers how many bad calls when we played Texas with texas officals

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