Interesting UA women's hoops tidbit

Arkansas started its women’s basketball program in 1976. From 1981-2007, there were a total of four HCs of the women’s program. All four of those are still active college basketball coaches, which frankly surprises the heck out of me. You’d think a couple of them would have retired by now:

Matilda Willis Mossman, 1981-84 – Now head women’s HC at Tulsa.
John Sutherland, 1984-93 – Assistant coach at Marshall U.
Gary Blair, 1993-2003 – Head coach, Texas A&M
Susie Gardner, 2003-2007 – Head coach, Mercer.

Tom Collen has not returned to coaching since UA fired him in 2014, and of course Jimmy Dykes has not been hired anywhere yet.

Interesting article on UW Coach Mike Neighbors… … =208476511

Tom Collen’s wife, Nikki, is coaching in the WNBA now. I think that’s probably why he hasn’t gotten back into the game.

Excellent story. Glad he’s the new coach.

The best story by far on Mike is one by Greg Bell titled Unleashed: Mike Neighbors is not your everyday basketball coach.

Link to article. —BaumbasticHawg

Sharon Ogle and Joan Henn were the women’s coaches in the late 70’s. I think Joan Henn coached Bettye Fiscus.

Here is a link to all the coaches: … 1p93l9xtwm

I researched them too. Matilda recruited Bettye Fiscus and she finished under Sutherland. Henn died of cancer several years ago. Could not find anything on Ogle though.

Greg Bell’s story is listed in archived stories at the bottom of Wikipedia piece on the coach.

I put the link in your original post.