Interesting twist I read yesterday

Dabo Swinney was floundering early in his tenure at Clemson and needed to shake up his offense. So he dumped his OC and hired Chad Morris, and the Clemson offense turned around.

Who was that OC he fired? Billy Napier, now the head Gator in Gainesville. Napier went from Clemson into the Nick Saban Coaches Protection Program at Alabama (became an analyst) for a year, went to Colorado State for a year, came back to Bama as WR coach and obviously has done well so far as HC in Lafayette and now Florida.

Chad? Not so much.

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I expect our oc and dc will be in the mix for HC positions at the end of the season.

Odom might stay, mainly because I get the feeling he likes where he’s at and does not feel a burning need to go try to re-build a program. I think someone will probably give Briles an opportunity that’s too good to pass up.

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Odom also has kids at Fayetteville that are the age where it’s tough to move them.

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With his success as OC at Clemson & him being instrumental in turning around Dabo’s floundering program, thought CM would be a good coach for UofA. Obviously wrong about that & big difference being an head coach in the SEC vs an OC. Players at UofA (& apparently SMU) had zero respect for him as their coach.

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Odom would take an SEC head job. It would be considerable raise. He’d get a 3-year contract that would guarantee great security. What jobs are going to open at that pay level? Probably not many.

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I think this is an example of how unpredictable coaching success can be and how much “fit” and culture matter. Bill Belichick got fired from an NFL head coaching job before winning all those Super Bowls with the Patriots. Pete Carroll? Fired NFL head coach before winning at USC and Seattle. Take a look at Jimbo Fisher, national champion at Florida State, hot seat at A&M. Chad Morris didn’t forget all the football he knew when he got to Fayetteville. For whatever reason, he never connected with the players here and they wouldn’t play for him. As the head coach, that’s on him. Makes you wonder what the guy was thinking.

you might be on to something. It’s clearly more than play-calling and recruiting.

Pretty sure his kids are at Shiloh and they really like it there. It would take a big time salary to get him to move in the next 3-4 years. His two boys play football there and I think they are in the 9th and 11th grade. Pretty sure he also has a daughter in Kindergarten.

What would Belichick’s legacy be without Tom Brady? Saban in the NFL, & Jimmy Johnson 2nd NFL go round with the Dolphins were painful. Coaching success, especially NFL, usually depends on the luck of the hand & QB that are dealt to them.

Missouri might be open, which would probably make Odom smile. I don’t think he’d ever take it for any money, but it would be truly, truly funny to see them coming to him hat in hand.

Auburn might be open, but I don’t see Odom wanting to put up with Auburn being Auburn. If Mark Stoops left Kentucky for some reason, there might be some mutual interest there.

At some point Jimbo’s probably going to lose his way out of his fancy head coach’s office suite into a really fancy beach house on his own private island. I suppose that could be this year if they have a losing record and a good chunk of the high level talent starts hitting the portal, but the team would have to quit on him and there would have to be a willingness on both sides to work it out financially, including Jimbo deferring a lot of the money past the end of his contract. Whenever Jimbo is forced out, the Aggies will of course spend ridiculous amounts of money to bring in the next guy to lead them to the Promised Land.

Lane Kiffin is just about due to get the itch to go somewhere else, but if he leaves it’s hard to see Ole Miss wanting a defensive-minded coach to replace him.

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True about Odom, but I’d bet Briles would be high on OM’s list.

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Just think if Miami had not opted out of signing Drew Brees when Saban was there…

If Jimbo keeps his below par performance up I’d bet that a deep dive into his recruiting practices (see Tennessee) would be in order by the Aggie PTB. A couple of years NCAA penalties vs a huge, huge payout. I’d imagine those transgressions would be easy to fine. The problem would be linking Jimbo to them. For all his issues I think he’s smart enough to he has plausible deniability. Auburn tried that with Harsin and found nothing apparently.

Apparently Nebraska has both Mark Stoops & Matt Campbell as their top choices to replace Frost. Doubt Stoops would leave SEC for NE, but the money might persuade him. Iowa St thought Campbell might get them into the Big10, especially with his Big10 background. After USC & UCLA went Big10, chances are now remote for Iowa St so many expect Campbell to bolt to NE.

Andy Staples thinks Stoops has the best job in CFB and I’m not sure I disagree. The pressure is off of him and on Squid (yes it’s a basketball school), it’s not like he’s underpaid, and he’s able to win there. If he goes to Lincoln, the heat is on.

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Think he would take Auburn? It’s a dumpster fire down there.

I really don’t think Stoops would go to Nebraska. Now if he’s like his brother he might roll the dice with Auburn, thinking that with his coaching chops and Auburn’s money he might be able to get a shot or two at real glory before the clock ran out(no football head coach has retired from Auburn in decades)

I could also see Stoops taking an upper end Big Ten job if one came open (Michigan, Penn State, maybe Iowa). He’s probably going to get a good feel this year whether he’s reached the ceiling at Kentucky, and then he’ll have to decide if that’s enough.


I agree. Morris had the engagement presence of Sunday’s sports section used as Monday’s Birdcage replacement paper, the print remained, but its informational value was superseded by its other depository purposes. Back to charisma and engagement, I offer a link to an interview by Ty Hudson of DJ Williams on his take on Petrino and HDN plus a comment regarding Briles’ offense receiver assignment versus Petrino’s diversity in receiver choices. Former Razorback TE DJ Williams On Bobby Petrino & Houston Nutt And More - YouTube

Dang, I am so glad we have Sam Pittman and his obvious connection with players but also his personal understanding of sharing the stage with high-quality coaches. He exemplifies the collaborative leadership characteristic so necessary in being successful in today’s world.


Thanks for sharing this. It was a good watch!