Interesting tweets

from Devwah and Cole Kelley.

What do they say?

Both Bielema guys. Young, immature and angry. And neither set the world on fire playing football. So what? Expected. We’ve got a coach to go find.

I will say it has been disheartening to see that bielema’s players fought Morris every step. Makes it hard to build a team when half or more refused to buy in. Curious what would’ve happened if players bought in.


I think CCM came in with the overall attitude that the existing players just weren’t good enough. He expressed similar thoughts on his presser yesterday. Maybe they weren’t. Or maybe CCM was just to rigid with his my way or the highway (not left lane for sure) approach. Ty obviously improved over last year with a different coach. I don’t get the impression old players thought CCM was much either. Good leaders know you have to vary your approach to the person.

Probably should have sent more players packing and hit the transfer portal hard last year.