Interesting tweet

No idea how true, but…

Kiffen saga

Call some bs in this. Business is business. You try to keep your personal feelings out of it. If he thought Kiffin was best and he still wanted the gig then you take him.

Hunter is one of the best things UA has lucked into in decades.

Thankful that we have better vision for greatness from a new AD than an old BOT and a couple donors have when stuck in the far past.

If HY thought he was about to get played, he made the right decision. If your #1 target does something you think undermines your trust right off the bat, it’s good to take him off the list.

I have no idea if the tweet is true or not, but it’s as plausible as the conspiracy crap some of the posters on this board were apoplectic about.

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If Kiffin came back and tried to get more money by leveraging Ole Miss after HY had worked out a deal and sent the offer sheet then the business is business thing boomerangs. There’s lots of times when you may walk away when someone wants to change the deal after you worked out terms, because it’s not good business to let people manipulate you like that and it also calls into question whether you can trust the other side to hold up their end of the deal.

Plus you kind of know that if a guy will come back to you to change the terms he probably will go right back to the other party and see if they will make another offer. The time for all of that stuff is in the early phases of negotiation when everyone understands there are other bidders. If this is true LK/Sexton did this after the deal had been worked out.

If Pittman doesn’t work out, HY has to live with not re-opening negotiations. That’s what executives have to do.

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Yep…saw this posted on another board yesterday (I think??). Didn’t repeat it here because, well…we’d all had enough “here’s what’s going on” posts to last a lifetime already!

But it does feel plausible. This is EXACTLY the type of thing I’d have feared with Kiffin all along…sometimes, he just can’t get out of his own way. I almost feel guilty for saying this, but I can scarcely wait for the snafu’s that will come out of Ole Miss during his tenure. Yes - he is making a big “splash” coming in. But…will he be able to sustain and build…and can he keep his foot out of his mouth, and stay between the lines (w/regard to the NCAA, and key boosters)?

THAT is where the entertainment factor will come into play, fromr a rival’s perspective.

That echoes my qualms about Kiffin. We may well have dodged a bullet. Sam Pittman seems genuinely pleased and excited to be returning to Fayetteville.

Not sure if this was Kiffin or Sexton, but again things rarely end well with Kiffin & now OM’s problem.

Remember the constant gloating here by OM fans when HDN left AR to go there. OM fans learned quickly that they got the bad end of the HDN deal.

While many want to impugn Lane Kiffin over this and I agree he was a part, but to me, this has Sextons fingers all over it. He has a history of playing one against another to get a better deal for his client. Its his job after all. Just happy to see Sextons bag of trix bite him on the ass for a change and its Arkansas that delivered it. It gives me that warm Christmas eggnog glow.


Whether or not it was Sexton’s idea is immaterial to me. Kiffin had to agree to go along with it. My view is that (if there is any validity to the story) they got what they deserved. My hope is that it bites the rebnecks in the butt.
Have I mentioned that I can’t stand ole piss?

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Kiffin had to approve Sexton’s strategy of trying to squeeze more $ from Arkansas after agreeing to terms, so same reoccurring issues with Kiffin’s integrity. As Coach Orgeron stated, OM & Kiffin are not likely to be a good fit.

Hey Marty, A certain USC fan I know is not in the least bit surprised by this, if true. She didn’t like him when he was their HC, and she doesn’t like him now.

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Whether all of it is true or not (I’m sure some of it is considering the sources Kiffin & Sexton).
But if LK truely wanted to be here he would be. Would have just left well enough alone and packed his bags.
I wonder what Dad thinks about this? Maybe just business as usual.

I read this tweet last night, but I can’t see the entire thing. Is it that way for everyone? I’d love to read the rest of it.

Same here mdw.

You need to tap or click on the image. It then opens in a new window so that you can read it all.

If a man gives his word and goes back on it he is no better than a maggot. Jerry Jones lives his life and runs his business that way and his kids are the same way. That is the way I live my life as well, the way I was raised. If I give my word and shake hands on it, I would move heaven and earth to try and keep it but if you go back on your word to me intentionally, you are dead to me. If what you say is true, I back Hunter all the way. Pittman is one of the best coaches I have ever been around. I too question his lack of head coaching experience, but if anybody can pull it off he can. WPS Yeeeesss sir.